☆Jalan Review Review 4. 9 points
☆Jalan Review Hotel Ranking “Kinki / Hokuriku / Bathroom with good bath” won first place!
☆Jalan Review Hotel Ranking "Kinki·Hokuriku/Overall ”8th place!
☆Mapuru Onsen Yado Kansai "Onsen Hotel Ranking" 8th place!
Nanki Shirahama, Shiosai no yado, Tsukisaki
Please spend a relaxing time in the 4-room cooking ryokan.

【Official】Japanese hot spring hotel local fish vegetable tsukisaki


☆☆Jalan word-of-mouth lodging ranking "Kinki / Hokuriku / Hotel with a good bath" No.1!

"Japanese hot spring hotel local fish vegetable tsukisaki" is due to the expiration of the fixed-term building lease agreement,
As of July 26, Reiwa, the ryokan business will be closed by our company.
In addition, due to the effects of coronavirus infection, we will reduce the number of business days after May 7 and will be open.
We sincerely thank you for your patronage over the years.

◆About new coronavirus infection
As part of measures to prevent infection by the new coronavirus,
For a while, the hotel reduced its 4 rooms to a maximum of 3 rooms a day,
Use alcohol, sodium hypochlorite, etc. in this facility,
We will strive to enhance sanitation within this facility.
Contact with other customers is not at this facility,
We will make every effort to enjoy the hot springs with peace of mind and relax.
Please understand.

◆Dinner is not currently available at Japanese hot spring hotel local fish vegetable tsukisaki due to various reasons.
Use with "Breakfast included plan" or "No meal plan".
When you wish for dinner, we will inform you of the delicious shops in Shirahama,
I will help you as much as possible.Please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Japanese hot spring hotel local fish vegetable tsukisaki』
Tsukisaki Corporation

Recommended nearby restaurants①

  • Bamboo/Kaiseki Meal

    Regular regulars visit from outside the prefecture as well as local food outlets.
    You will be able to come up with creative and creative dishes based on the Japanese culinary tradition.

    【Regular holiday】Wednesday Thursday

  • Fish vegetable Kei food Hikari/Creative izakaya

    We value "creating" and "creating" and enjoy seeing with our eyes and tasting with our tongue.It is a passion store.
    On some days, rare local fish from the fishermen are lined up.
    The semi-private room is spacious and relaxing, and is a recommended shop within walking distance of the inn.

    【Regular holiday】Wednesday

  • Nagahisa Bar / Popular bar

    【Popular bar]Nagahisa Bar
    One of Japan's three largest izakaya! A popular bar where you can taste fresh seafood from Nanki Shirahama.
    Sake is cheap and has a reputation for eating fresh local ingredients, so if you can make a reservation, you may be lucky! ?

    【Regular holiday】Thursday

Recommended nearby restaurants②

  • Shirahama kappou kawanishi / Kaiseki Meal

    We carefully select local seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood to create beautiful creative dishes with bold ideas and senses, while cherishing the traditional techniques and tastes of Japanese cuisine.

    【Regular holiday】Tuesday and third Wednesday
  • coral reef / Japanese Spiny Lobster and live fish dishes

    Engetsuto Island the authentic live lobster and the authentic taste while watching the scenic spot of Nanki Shirahama, Engetsuto Island.
    Japanese Spiny Lobster and winter are recommended places to enjoy que.



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Nanki Shirahama, Shiosai no yado, Tsukisaki


3745-40 Shirahama Town, Nishimuro County, Wakayama Prefecture

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It is 5 minutes by car from Toretore Market, 10 minutes by car from Shirahama Station, 3 minutes by car from Shirarahama

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Please be aware that it may not be possible to pick up and drop off depending on your time zone.
Please contact us in advance.
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