Nanki Shirahama, shiosai no yado, Tsukisaki
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Overnight Stay Plan

  • "One night 2 meal plan", "shiosai no yado, Tsukisaki dinner cuisine", ~ Vivid colorful kaiseki cuisine sticking to the taste of Kishu ~

    【1 Night/ 2 Meals Plan】

    "shiosai no yado, Tsukisaki Party Cooking
    Chief Chef's selected fresh seafood, rice and vegetables,
    It is a kaiseki cuisine that sticks to locally produced and Kishu products up to soy sauce.
    You can enjoy the seasonal iContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 18,518 from
  • 【Senior Plan】 "Night meals a night", content emphasis on volume discount, ~ Please fully enjoy the Kishu soup ~

    It will be a plan that emphasizes the content with moderate discretion.
    Chief chef Seafood cuisine specialized in locally produced and Kishu products ranging from fresh seafood and meat to rice and vegetables to soy sauce.
    You can enjoy the seasContinue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 17,592
  • 【Kishu·Special Kaiseki Meal Plan】~Enjoy the prawns of Ise Shrimp, Abalone, Kumano Beef, Three Major Feast of Specialty Foodstuffs, Specialty Kaiseki Cuisine.~

    【Kishu special session cuisine】

    Special season cuisine of three major feasts of high-class ingredients of "Ise Shrimp", "Kumano Beef" and "Abalone"!
    "Ise shrimp" is served at fresh sashimi with seasonal fresh fish and fish.
    "Kumano Beef" of luxContinue reading
    Room rate
    From Y 24,074
  • 【Natural book Gue hot pot plan】~ Please enjoy Wakayama 's famous winter specialty book book - hot pot ~ 1 night dinner & breakfast included

    Wakayama Prefecture Luxury fish, Quatt who lives in the offshore coast of the coast of Wakayama prefecture,
    The texture of gelatine collagen which is between resilient white body and skin is also plentiful.
    It's fresh but gentle but greasy, and Continue reading
    Room rate
    ¥ 21,296 from