Luxurious cuisine is a cheap mother's inn

【Official】Guesthouse Tsurusan

Heda specialty, deep-sea fish dishes, Guesthouse Tsurusan

A rare deep-sea fish landed in Suruga Bay
Mexicali, Takaashi Crab (Japanese spider crab), long-tailed shrimp, etc.
Heda's exquisite gourmet can be tasted!


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Guesthouse Tsurusan


1212 Heda, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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It takes about 60 minutes by car from Tomei Numazu IC.50 minutes by Bus Stop Nakamichi from Izu Hakone Railway Shuzenji Station, get off at the Bus Stop Nakamichi, 5 minutes on foot.

There is a free parking lot.(Beforehand contact)
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