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Bouncy boating and seafood of Suruga Bay

Enjoy seafood fried in Suruga Bay

Deep sea fish, Japanese Spiny Lobster, abalone, Takaashi Crab (Japanese spider crab)...
Heda's taste

sashimi, Boiled, fly… , Fresh ingredients in the most delicious way to eat

Please enjoy popular handmade dishes that used plenty of features.
  • Luxury! 【Japanese Spiny Lobster+Takaashi Crab (Japanese spider crab)+Funamori (sashimi wooden boat) Included】Daimyo Course

    Heda Gourmet! A super luxury plan with Takaashi Crab (Japanese spider crab) and bowls filled with Ise shrimp! 13 items including fried chicken and fried. We will be available in your room.