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Super-sized dishes that change from season to season

Ullr, we are gradually changing the food served in the green and snow seasons.
Because seasonal ingredients and materials are different every season, I hope you will spend a wonderful time through different dishes each time you visit.
※Please understand that Japanese and Western dishes can not be selected because the menu is an example.
  • Green season, Dinner example

    In spring and summer, you can enjoy dishes that focus on meat dishes.
    ※The food content varies depending on the season and the ingredients purchased.
  • Snow season, Dinner example

    In autumn and winter, you can savor dishes tailored to the season with a focus on pots and stew.
    ※As main dish varies according to the stocking of the day, please understand.

    There is also a dinner menu for a limited time, so please see the official plan reservation page.
  • Breakfast example

    Let's go out for leisure by eating a healthy breakfast that is easy to eat!

    Japanese and Western breakfasts are available daily.
    ※Please understand that Japanese breakfast and Western breakfast can not be selected.
  • kids menu

    We have prepared a plate with dessert and juice on a plate that contains a menu for children to enjoy.
    We want our children to be happy to enjoy their meals, so Ullr children's menu is handcrafted without taking your hands off.
    Have a good time with your family.
  • B.B.Q

    Recommended for those who want to enjoy daytime BBQ and night BBQ in Ullr.
    If it rains, you can cook in the tent and eat it in the indoor dining room.
    An all-you-can-drink 90 minutes 1500 yen (beer, shochu, oolong tea, orange juice) can also be added.
    In the case of use at training camps etc., up to 70 people can be accommodated. For group use, please contact the hotel.

    Toll-free: 0120-898-216
    Tel: 0261-75-2774
    E-Mail: info@ullr.jp