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Green season

As base of activity of Hakuba

  • I want to fully enjoy Shinshu Hakuba's green season. What kind of activities can you experience in Hakuba?
    We will introduce activities and experiences we recommend from Ullr for such customers.
    All family members and groups are together, and experience the nature of Hakuba to make memories.


  • B.B.Q

    Recommended for those who want to enjoy daytime BBQ and night BBQ in Ullr.

Hakuba Lion Adventure

  • After booking the accommodation for customers wishing to participate in the activity, the hotel will contact you by TEL for confirmation.
    At that time, we will adjust the time and will select AM and PM at the time of booking.
    Both activities will be booked and paid at the hotel.
  • Hakuba EX Adventure

    Experience a great adventure like taking a walk in the air with nature
    EX Adventure is a walk in the air from 8m to 12m above the ground,
    An adventure course where you can experience various things from start to goal.
    17 great aerial adventures! The thrill of an aerial walk on a Hakuba・.
  • hot air balloon

    5 minutes while gazing at the magnificent North Alps Federation.
    Undereye flight of hoping the Shirouma Sanzan The best part Manten.
    Floating experience for the whole family is fun in the Hakuba Area...
  • Rafting

    Get into the “Rough boat” made of special reinforced rubber and work together with the professional guide.
    It is a refreshing summer sport going down the river while taking splashes.
  • Raft picnic

    How about exploring the shore of Lake Aoki lake with a guide?
    Look into the water to see the fish and experience the fun of traveling under the trees that overhang the lake.
    You can swim on the lake.
  • Shower walking

    The Hirakawa Valley Foot of Mt Hakuba changes created by nature.
    Field athletic of leaving the body to the flow of the river or crossing the river with a rope.
    Let's have fun with the guide. You can participate with confidence in your family.
  • Hakuba 47, Mountain Sports Park

    During summer operation period, you can experience each attraction.
    The nursing room is also complete and children are safe.
  • Paratopia Goryu

    Paragliding experience
  • Natsuyama trekking

    Natsuyama trekking
  • Kizakiko Modern Boat

    Rental boat, canoe & SUP, bicycle rental etc
    We have items to enjoy around Lake Kizaki.
  • Kizakiko Pow Wow

    You can experience forest and lake camping, SUP (stand-up paddle), canoeing & kayaking.

Program price list for half board

  • Please note that rafting, raft picnic and shower walking are for parents with elementary school students and above, with a separate security management fee of ¥ 300 / person.
    May be canceled due to the circumstances of the operating company and the weather.
    In that case, we will contact you when we find out.
EX AdventureAdult(s), Children from ¥ 11,140, From ¥ 8,550
hot air balloonAdult(s), From ¥ 10,640, Children, From ¥ 7,450
RaftingAdult(s), From ¥ 14,640, Children, From ¥ 10,550
Raft picnicAdult(s), From ¥ 12,840, Children, From ¥ 9,450
Shower walkingAdult(s), From ¥ 13,890, Children, From ¥ 10,250