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JAZZ Lounge

An audio lounge with passion, tailored by the owner of JAZZ

JBL TANNOY Speaker, Macintosh Amplifier ...
Spend a luxurious moment with a passionate audio set and space presented by a Jazz-like owner.
Experience the luxurious sound of Ullr the light of the sun and moonlight falling from the large window.
If you like music as well as Jazz, please bring your favorite CD.
  • JAZZ Lounge

    • audio
      JBL TANNOY speakers, McIntosh amplifiers, CDs and records collected by owners as hobbies
    • Lounge
      Sounds flowing into the characteristic high brow lounge are pleasant
    • Middle lounge
      2F free space is cozy like a hideout
  • Hospitality to our customers

    Drinks and snacks can be enjoyed at the BAR counter in the JAZZ lounge.
  • MENU

    • Various alcohol
      Draft beer, Hakuba beer, whiskey, shochu, sake etc
    • Bottle keep various
      Scotch, bourbon, shochu, wine etc
    • Various sweets
      ice cream, Pancake, Zenzai, Blueberry yogurt
    • Various snacks
      Salami, yakisoba, mixed nuts, Nozawana, pizza pie, etc.
    • Various soft drinks
      Coffee 200 yen (12 coffee tickets 2000 yen), tea, cocoa, apple juice, oolong tea, etc.