Ururun Kawaguchiko
A moment where you feel the nature of Kawaguchi Ko (lake) at a beautiful condominium

【Official】Ururun Kawaguchiko

Condominium, Ururun Kawaguchiko

A detached condominium resort overlooking Mt Fuji.Ururun Kawaguchiko can see Mt Fuji from the front of all buildings.
It boasts full facilities and cleanliness.
Mt Fuji with a bath, a detached house cottage is equipped with a wood deck and BBQ house in a private garden.
Maisonette is a luxury specification stuck to sound insulation and insulation.
It is a popular cottage for couples, families and students who live in rural scenery!

It is a beautiful (beautiful) holiday villa.

From everyone, we are pleased with its beauty such as "Aroma of new construction!"
It is shiny because we are always trying to clean up, we have facilities to ensure that you can use it pleasantly.


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Hotel Name

Ururun Kawaguchiko


1865 Kawaguchi, Fuji Kawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture

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  • Internet / parking lot / pet

    ●, All rooms available(Wireless LAN)FREE, Wifi

    ●, 15 units(Free)

    ●No pets are allowed.
  • Amenity · Rental · BBQ

    ●, Amenities
     bath towel·Face towel·toothbrush·A shave
     Body soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap

    ●, rental
     Cassette stove ... \ 500
     Earth pot ... \ 500
     Yukata ... Male, \ 300 / Female, \ 400
     Mahjong set ... \ 1,000
     A bicycle 1 hour, \ 200

    ●, We will rent with a set of BBQ.
     4 people, \ 2,000
     7 people, \ 2,500
     10 people, \ 3,000, (Tax Excluded)


  • Live camera

    It is a picture by a live camera installed in Ururun Kawaguchiko.
    If the weather is nice, you can see Mt Fuji from the front of all the buildings.

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