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Information on meals

We will welcome you with cooked meals.

  • "Verde no Mori, Atami, Usami, Toba", "Boiled Shark finle" prepared

    We will prepare boiled shark's fin of boulder in Verde no Mori, Atami, Usami, Toba.

    As shown below, you can use upgrade from "Ezo abalone dancing" on the dinner menu.

    Please eat pleasantly with one dish of Wisterian Life Club exquisite Wisterian Life Club.
  • "Dinner buffet"

    Designated date and specified period
    Owner fee(Service Fee ·Tax included)
    Big, Man/¥ 5,550
    Elementary school-aged children/¥ 3,380
    Infants/¥ 2,040

    On the designated date of the hotel, dinner for a specific period is buffet
    It will be prepared in the form.

    ※New Year's holidays · Spring vacation · GW · summer vacation · consecutive holidays etc. Buffet.

    Menu example, ※(,) Is the 2 nd night menu change
    Roast bee cutting out
    Mixed salad · Bagna cauda
    Salmon and scallop marinade (white fish EscaBeache)
    Steamed chicken and broccoli with mustard mustard (steamed chicken and Chinese jellyfish)
    Ohirodai, Yuba pumping up Hakone"Kakuyama"
    Boiled cold fried eggplant
    Sesame and garlic sesame
    Shrimp and avocado cold Cappellini
    Vichyssoise(Pumpkin cold soup)
    Miso soup with miso miso
    Assorted sashimi
    Grip life, Sushi rolls
    Boil's wai crab
    Porcine cold shabu-shabu
    Today's pottery
    Red sea bream po poletal style(Snapper's poe pole Grenoble style)
    Beef stew (grilled beef and vegetable grass bread crumbs)
    Seafood Gratin
    Paella style pilaf
    Deep-fried chicken, Oil ginger chicken sauce
    Stir-fried shrimp with chilli sauce(Pork belly boiled)
    Asiri and Achillo of the tree of the tree
    Tofu shampoo (shrimp shrimp)
    Hot pot of hot water
    Beef curry
    Cold made, Sorry(Cold Shinshu soba)
    ■For children■
    Ito nugget shrimp, Smile potatoes(Mishima croquette mini dog, Fried Shrimp)
    Grill hamburg
    Chocolate fountain
    Fruit Powder, Bavaroa, Annin Tofu, Cart Cake Roll Cake Caramel Potato

    ※Please understand beforehand because there is a case of change to contents according to the contents of purchase.

  • "Breakfast Buffet"

    Breakfast will be served in the buffet (Japanese / Western) depending on the date.

    Owner fee(Service Fee ·Tax included)
    Adult(s)·Elementary school-aged children/1,550 yen
    Infants/1,150 yen

    ※Depending on the situation, it may be changed to Japanese set menu.
    Please note.

    ※The photograph is an image.
  • Winter special menu, "Miyabi"

    Owner fee
    Adult 7,300 yen(Service Fee ·Tax included)


    Appetizer, Red fish Esca Besh
         Yuba Tofu, sea ​​urchin, Wolfberry
         Jamon Serrano of the apple
         Walnut and cheese cake
         Shrimp's Sushi Komachi, kumquat

    sashimi, Assortment of today's sashimi
    A restaurant, Deep fried chicken true length
         Axis three leaves, Citron skin, Butter bean paste

    A western plate, Ezo Abalone Rotirle Provence style
         Van Bran Sauce Basil Savory

    A spirit, Cod soft pot
         Cod milt, Chinese cabbage, Rocky, Occupied land, Enoko, Shanda, The season, Ponzu sauce, Condiment

    Main dish, Ankle root of the calf Duxcel
             Red wine sauce, Warm vegetables served

    Meals, Seasonal rice cake

    Fragrance, Pickles variously

     Bowl, Miso soup made of miso miso

    Sweets, Hojicha's Pudding Petit Cake Fruits

    ※, The contents may be changed depending on the purchase situation.
      Please note.
  • winter, Basic menu, "flower"

    Owner's price
    Adult 5,550 yen(Service Fee ·Tax included)


    Appetizer, 4 kinds of flour
    sashimi, Three kinds of present of today
    Firing and firing of kimme sea bream and vegetables
    A spirit, Abalone dancing and steaming
    Main dish, Bourguignon van rouge sauce of beef roast
    Meals, White rice
    Pickled Vegetables
    Stop bowl
    Sweets, Pudding of Hojicha
    ※The contents may change due to purchasing relationship. Please note.
  • "Breakfast meal set meal"

    Breakfast will be served in the buffet (Japanese / Western) depending on the date.

    Owner fee(Service Fee ·Tax included)
    Adult(s)·Elementary school-aged children/1,550 yen
    Infants/1,150 yen

    ※The photograph is an image.Fish will prepare chef's recommended fish for that day.
  • Fall Menu, Weekday limited "Total plan"

    Weekday limited plan from September 3, Heisei 30.

    Charge: Owner's price, 3,000 yen(tax·Service Fee included)
  • "Junior plate"

    It is fulfilling content with dessert such as sashimi and fly.

    Owner fee(Service Fee ·Tax included)
    Elementary school-aged children/3.380 yen

    ※The photograph is an image.

    ※Depending on the purchase situation, contents may be changed.

    ※Even children can receive reservations.
  • "Kids Plate"

    ※The photograph is an image.
    Owner fee(Service Fee ·Tax included)
    Infants/¥ 2,040

     ※Depending on the purchase situation, contents may be changed.

     ※Children under 3 years of age can also be served.