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Mt Yatsugatake south foot, Kiyosato Plateau Altitude is at 1030 m B &B Pension White Clover is in green
It is a bright Pension with quiet sunshine.
Mt Yatsugatake good location where you can see Mt Yatsugatake and South Alps is exceptionally superb.
Please see the sunset over the mountains.Enjoy the sky full of stars, a lovely landscape that will remain in your heart.

We offer accommodation and breakfast as B &B Pension.
B & B is bed and breakfast with breakfast included.
We will introduce delicious dinner restaurant and other restaurants as you like.(There are benefits discounts as well)
Air of a fresh plateau and chirping of a bird · · ·You can enjoy the mountains of the Yatsugatake and South Alps are going through four seasons.
Sketch travel, mountain bike and climbing, it is also a great base for hiking.
There are also many walking course.Please spend relaxing time with families and friends with familiarity with nature.We are waiting for the coming of everyone from the heart ♥


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B&B Pension White Clover


744 Asakawa, Takane Town, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture -2

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20 minutes by car from Chuo Highway Sutama IC, 10 minutes by car from JR Koumi Line Kiyosato Station.
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Guide within facilities

  • * Information on the bath, (There are baths in two places)

    ✿ Natural active stone bath and cypress of Japanese cypress ✿
    White Clover bath is a natural active mineral water with a mineral activation device.
    Freshly born ions such as calcium carbonate, potassium and sodium are constantly eluted from natural active stones.
    Mildly alkaline hot water often warms up and it has a very good effect on your body and your skin becomes slippery.
    At the foot there is a Japanese cypress sushi.Since you will enter the lock from the inside, you will never be with other rooms.It will be a private bath.Please relax and relax.

    Shampoo, rinse and body soap are available in the bathroom.
    Hairdryer is in the second floor washroom.Please bring pajamas.
  • * Information on bathroom

    The toilet is always kept clean.
    Hairdryers, paper cups and tissue paper are available.

    The toilet is on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor.
    Everything is a washlet.
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White Clover news

  • Notice from White Clover!

    There is a small gift for a welcome drink
    Daily hand made apple vinegar · blueberry black vinegar etc. Please eat
    (Excluding August)

    It is far from gardening, but a lot of residents are blooming
    July 10 Because of the shooting, the type of flowers is quite different.I'm sorry.

    I am waiting from the heart ♥

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