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White Clover breakfast ... I am particular about ingredients

White Clover is a B & B style Pension.
Only breakfast is served to the guests.
Soup is trying to use plenty of delicious vegetables.

Meals start at 8:00 in the bright dining room full of sunrise.
For breakfast local fresh vegetables, fruits and handmade jams are available.
  • One day breakfast

  • Blueberry jam making

    The neighbors Berry, Farm, and Komoto are making delicious blueberries.
    As sweet, sugar made a jam with just a little.
    • Pesticide blueberry jam

  • Handmade welcome drink apple vinegar·Blueberry black vinegar etc.···

    There is a small gift for a welcome drink although it is modest.
    Hand made apple vinegar · blueberry black vinegar Please eat another favorite thing.
  • Breakfast begins at 8:00 in the dining room full of morning sun

    Enjoy breakfast while relaxing at Yamagagake Yatsugatake and South Alps in a bright and clean dining room.

    ご The dining room is available from 15: 00 ~ 22: 30
  • Herbal bergamot herbal tea, salad · potpourri and dry flowers etc.

    From the window side you can see various facial expressions every season.

    Pension lot of flowers are also blooming around the Pension.

    My favorite bergamot can be enjoyed (cutting) in and around the garden.

Restaurants restaurant information

Lots of restaurants in the outskirts!
Discounts and privileged restaurants are also available so please inquire at check-in

✿ Moe tree village ROCK<Japanese beer·Western Food>
Regardless<sushi·Japanese Food>
✿ Pasta and Relishes, MoRimoTo<Italian - Japanese creative Italian cuisine>
✿ Japanese style restaurant, Fellowship[BOKU]<Hand-made udon restaurant>
✿ Farm Restaurant, Delicious small house[Naughty]<Health and safety conscious food sticking to organic pesticide and fresh vegetables>
✿ Le Mariage<Natural vegetables and Jibie dishes are popular.Full-fledged French restaurant>
✿ Rest House Yagatake<Set menu·Japanese cuisine>
✿ Gratin specialty store Ami<Gratin specialty store>
 Such···There is still much