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Mt Yatsugatake from the Pension

You can enjoy the mountains of the Yatsugatake and South Alps are going through four seasons.

Ideal as a base for sketch travel, mountain biking and climbing, hiking.
There are also many walking course.
Please spend relaxing time with families and friends with familiarity with nature.

Information on the surrounding area

  • Kiyosato terrace

    • It is open from GW 2018

      From the top of the mountain with altitude of 1,900 m, you will see a majestic "Kiyosato Plateau" in front of you.
      The magnificent view of Mount Fuji and the South Alps spread.A pleasant wind and tasty air are waiting for you.Kiyosato Terrace on the summit.Talking while watching the mountain, tasting passion coffee ....
      If you look to the surrounding greenery, the world of flowers and living things of the beautiful plateau is spreading.
      It is a superb view spot where you can take a leisurely walk.
  • Mt Yatsugatake Pleasure Club Department

    • Recommended "fruit tea"

      In 1989, Hiroshi Yagyu who is a celebrity purchased about 2000 tsubo of forest of Oizumi village Nishijue out altitude of 1,350 meters, seems to have opened restaurants, galleries, nature walking streets and the like in family and has reached today."Miscellaneous trees" is the best feast!
      Please enjoy leisurely tea and meal while looking at various kinds of forest every season! Even if you go, it is "fruit tea".It is the taste of the Mt Yatsugatake Club after its opening, which changes its taste per cup.
  • Dragon waterfall

    • negative ion

      The most beautiful elegant waterfall in the Kawamata River Valley among some waterfalls.It is said that this figure that a small waterfall falls into many steps, as if the dragon seemed to spew water as it appeared to have this name.I feel negative ions just by walking on the boardwalk.
  • Moe tree village

    • Europe rural town

      Mt Yatsugatake of the southern foot, is the spot, such as the Europe country town in the Kiyosato Plateau, Mori no Merry Go Round and Music Box Museum Hole of Halls the beginning of the Music Box Museum Hole of Halls, dealing with the original goods and pottery of its own kiln using natural wood shop,
      Over 20 such as hands-on workshops, restaurants, lodging facilities, etc. line up, you can taste the freshly prepared fruits of Yatsugatake Region Beer "Touchdown".It is also famous as the venue for "Kiyosato Field Ballet" which is open-air ballet performance which lasts about 2 weeks from late July to early August every year
  • Hill Park

    • Source sprinkling sinking natural hot spring

      Kiyosato only sauce sinking natural hot spring "Tenjun no yu"
      Indoor waterfall heated pool is also available for families with children
      You can enjoy it enough! Restaurant, shop, training gym as well
      We have it together!

      There is Tennyo no-yu Pension Ticket.Adult 550 yen, 3 years old ~ elementary school student 275 yen
      Please tell us (summer · pool + hot spring, adult 1375 yen, 3 years old ~ elementary school student
      550 yen