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Overnight Stay Plan

  • 15th anniversary special, Bungo Beef charcoal grilling plan(Room Type, Japanese-style room)

    Thanks to the 15th anniversary!
     For customers who love beef, it is the best "Bungo Beef Yakiniku plan".
    It is a popular plan for young people, keeping the traditional Yamazato kaiseki a little bit, making the main Bungo Beef charcoal grill.
    TheContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded)¥ 10,046 from
  • 【First edition of the 15th anniversary of Furaku】Bungo Beef Shabu-shabu course(Room Type, Japanese-style room)

    【15th anniversary of Furaku, 】
    Originally it is a shabu shabu of Bungo Beef goatsu for winter only, but I will offer it regardless of the season.
    I will eat hot noodles even in hot weather in summer!
    Shabu-shabu's other party, plenty of seating-Continue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded)¥ 8,333 from
  • Mahjong plan(Room Type, Two rooms in two rooms(Wall partition)Plus living room)

    It used to be a mahjong with the family over the night, often overturning the kotatsu board ...

    I did not understand details (details are not understood ...) Electric sparrow table prepared for such!
    Friends, friends, etc ...Please have fun witContinue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded)¥ 9,259
  • Special room luxurious plan

    The room is the only Western-style room with twin beds, and the view is outstanding as it is a corner room on the third floor.
    Please use it for memorial days and memories.
    Surprises etc. will cooperate as much as possible, so please consult us.Continue reading
    Room rate
    1 Adult(Tax Excluded)¥ 8,148 from