【Official】 Yambaru Discovery Forest

Facility Information

  • life medicine hot spring (bathing facilities)

    While relaxingly standing in hot water, I will look at Yambaru Forest of Yambaru Forest!

    There is a public bath and a semi-outdoor bath of Goemon Bath.
    Please enjoy the scent of Oku Village tea, shikwasa, ghetto etc in Goemon Bath of semi-open-air bath.

    Facilities(A man)
    Indoor bathtub(Each one), Half Open-air Goemon Bath(Each 2)
    shower(Each 7), toilet(Each one)

    shampoo rinse, Soap, Hairdryer
  • Cafe Lounge(Learning Zone)

    A restaurant with a magnificent view of Yonaha Takeshi from the open deck.
    We produce an open and relaxed space and time.(All 90 seats)

    ■Lunch menu
    Set menu(Meat or fish)880 yen
    Curry and rice(salad·With small bowl)¥ 750
    Okinawa soba(With small bowl)¥ 650

    Fried links (such as hot coffee and iced tea) are attached to the menu.

    While watching the forest, it is also recommended to relax at coffee (350 yen), cake set (500 yen), shaved ice (350 yen).
  • Visitor Center

    We will accept facility information and various tour programs, check in / check out of accommodation and so on.
    There is also an exhibition corner, seminar hall, where you can learn about forest ecosystems and forest change centering on itajio tree.
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Yambaru Discovery Forest


Okinawa Prefecture Kunigami gun Kunigami Village Character Anpah 1301-7

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Approximately 30 minutes by car from the Hetona bus stop
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