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Facility Information

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Facilities list

  • Visitor Center

    We will accept facility information and various tour programs, check in / check out of accommodation and so on.
    There is also an exhibition corner, seminar hall, where you can learn about forest ecosystems and forest change centering on itajio tree.
  • Seminar Hall

    It can be used for meetings and training.
    Capacity: 100 people

    Usage fee, Outside the village, ¥ 2000/1 hour
            Village, ¥ 1,000/1 hour
            ※1,000 yen / 1 hour separately when using air conditioning
  • life medicine hot spring (bathing facilities)

    While relaxingly standing in hot water, I will look at Yambaru Forest of Yambaru Forest!

    There is a public bath and a semi-outdoor bath of Goemon Bath.
    Enjoy the aroma of tea, seek teasers, ghettos, etc. in a semi-open-air bath, the Goemon Bath bath.

    Facilities(A man)
    Indoor bathtub(Each one), Half Open-air Goemon Bath(Each 2)
    shower(Each 7), toilet(Each one)

    shampoo rinse, Soap, Hairdryer
  • Cafe Lounge(Learning Zone)

    A restaurant with a magnificent view of Yonaha Takeshi from the open deck.
    We produce an open and relaxed space and time.(All 80 seats)

    ■Lunch menu
    Learning forest lunch(Wild grass tempura set meal),  ¥ 1,000
    Daily lunch(Meat or fish),   880 yen
    Curry and rice(salad·With small bowl), ¥ 750
    Okinawa soba set(Seventeen, With 4 small bowls)¥ 1,000
    Okinawa soba(2 small bowls included),  ¥ 650

    Fried links (such as hot coffee and iced tea) are attached to the menu.

    It is also recommended to spend a leisurely coffee (350 yen) and shaved ice (350 yen) while looking at the forest.

    From 11:30 to 14:30 (The last order is 14:00)

    Regular holiday: Fixed holiday (※ except busy season), business day click the following
  • Tour program

    Various tour programs using the area around the facility and the subtropical forest and dam lake.

    ·Guide walk (All Year)
    ·Subtropical jungle canoe and river play (4/28 to 10/31)
    ·winter canoe tour (11/1 to 4/28)
    ·Night Haiku (All Year/Hotel limited)
    ·Little bird hunting (Late March-Late November/Hotel limited)
    ·River and forest whole expeditionary party (guide walk + lunch + subtropical jungle canoe and river play / summer (except ※ summer vacation) weekend limitation. )

    Click on the left image for the tour program application!
  • auto camping site(1 site:A tent, Tarp each 1 tie, 1 car(Capacity: 4 to 5)

    There are 24 tent sites and a cooking rack and a shower toilet building that can drive a car.Next to it there is an asparagus square, nature trails (Yamashishi course) and a Field Center where you can play freely.

    Because there are few artificial noises and lights, it is suitable for observing starlit sky and observing living things at night.

    Check In

    13:00 to 11:00 the next day (Check Out)

    Click below for details

  • Nature Walk

    There are 3 Nature Walk (Yamashishi course Yona - Course, Yamashishi course Yona - Course, River song Course), and groups, families and friends can be used individually.
    (※River song Course is a guided companion course. )

    For admission, an admission fee (300 yen for adults, 200 yen for primary school children, 100 yen for preschoolers aged 4 and over) is required.

    Entrance time

    From 9:00 to 17:00
  • asparagus square

    There are 20 kinds of playground equipment such as slide and Tarzan rope, lawn open space, small pond.
    In the pond, dragonflies, blowfish, tadpoles, etc. are inhabited, and even small children can enjoy it.

    Ideal for nursery schools, school childcare, and elementary school excursions.

    ※The usage fee is free.Play equipment will be eligible for 6 to 12 years old.