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What is Yambaru Discovery Forest

  • This facility located in Okinawa Island Northern Part Kunigamison, Okinawa Island Northern Part Kunigamison, utilizes the The site of Aha Training Ground of the The site of Aha Training Ground and the Aha Dam built by the US Army, which were partially returned by the 1995 SACO (Special Action Committee on Okinawa) Agreement It was maintained.
     Forests in the surrounding area have been used as a training ground for supplying wood and firewood charcoal for post-war recovery and survival training by the US military, but in 2007 "Play Zone (Active Zone)" opened in advance , Canoe tours, guide walks, environmental learning and other programs.In 2011, the "Learning Zone (discovery zone" utilizing the surplus shelf (about 5 ha) at the time of construction of Aha Dam opened, and the management of accommodation facilities and restaurants was added.
     As the Kunigamison Environmental Education Centre, this facility is commissioned by the village under the designated manager system, and managed by the local NPO "Kunigami Tourism Association".

On the natural environment around facilities

  •  The Yambaru Forest of this facility is composed of a unique flora mixed with the southern system and the northern system due to the humid temperate subtropical maritime climate.Among the animals living there are those that have evolved independently by geographical isolation on each island, crossed from the Chugoku mainland the old age and those that have been extinct in neighboring areas and survived only in this area There are animals of.an okinawa water rail, Sapheopipo noguchii, Yanbaru tenaga kogane etc. are unique animals living only in Yambaru around the world, and still can be observed in Yambaru Forest.

Communicate the management policy of the facility, precious environment to the next generation

  •  The facility wants to bridge the nature of Yambaru with those who visit the facility.
    We will play a role as a base facility for sharing and spreading Jinbun (Wisdom) for proper understanding and conservation of Yambaru's nature by various people.

Learn from the real thing

  • Yambaru's nature is a concentrated area of ​​numerous natural treasure class flora and fauna, but it can not be said that sufficient biological survey has been carried out and new organisms are discovered every year as in the past.Even the ecology of animals designated as a natural monument of the country is many unknown, recently the topic of Okinawa Todoumi, whose part of life has become clear, is somewhat new.
    Learning Zone (discovery zone, from the observation of mountain stream plants, I am surprised by the appearance of plants that survive lively by adapting to the environment, and in Yambaru Forest of Yambaru Forest was impressed by the ecology of wild animals that can not be seen during the day can.

    Meet the real nature that is not virtual, your own new discovery leads to your "learning".

About Play Zone of Learning Zone of Play Zone

Learning Zone?

  • Visitor Center, a Discovery Dormitory (Accommodation Building), a restaurant, 2 Nature Trail (Yona - Course · River song Course), and it is a facility that accommodates group use such as elementary and junior high school accommodation learning and university seminars.It is possible to use it individually, such as with families and friends.

Play Zone

  • There is a campsite (23 sites), an asparagus square, one nature Yamashishi course (Yamashishi course), a Yamashishi course place for various tour programs, and it is used for outdoor training and nursery school for elementary and junior high school students, school children, and excursions for elementary schools. It is also possible for companions and individuals.