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Hotel Facilities

  • shop

    Not only the confectionary named after the birthplace of the famous Japanese pear "20th Century Asian Pear", but also a variety of popular souvenirs such as Lake Togo, Sea Food of the Sea of ​​Japan and Confectionery of Tottori Prefecture.

    You can buy souvenirs from Yojokan Online Shopping anytime and anywhere.
  • Coffee

    Tea ceremony corner surrounded by beautiful landscape and soft sunshine, you can enjoy tea and coffee.
  • Restaurant

    Please use the meal venue on the second floor for evening and breakfast.
    Advance reservation is required if you wish to eat in the guest room or meal in the private room venue.
    (※A fee of 1,080 yen per person will be charged separately.)

    For meals in the room up to 2 people, a private room venue will be prepared if you use more than 3 people.
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Hotel Name

Togo Onsen, Kosenkaku Yojokan


144 Hikichi, Yurihama Town, Tohaku County, Tottori Prefecture

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●Outside the car/Get off at Matsuzaki Station, 13 minutes on foot. Kurayoshi Station, Get off at 10 minutes, ●car/Chugoku Expressway ~ Innosho IC ~ Car 80 minutes

Pick-up presence (condition)
●Pick up: 14: 30-18: 00, Pickup/Matsuzaki Station·Kurayoshi Station (Reservation required)●Sending: 9 am - 11 am(Reservation required)Pickup/Matsuzaki Station·Kurayoshi Station (Reservation required)
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