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Surrounding tourism

Tottori Prefecture is surrounded by the Chugoku Mountain Range, which are represented by the Sea of Japan in the north and Daisen in the south, and is rich in nature.
Tottori Prefecture Chubu, there is a Chinese Garden “Enchoen”, a national treasure “Mount Mitoku Nageire-do”, and a Shirakabe Dozogun“Red Tile” with nostalgic streets, and local products and crafts.
In the east, Tottori Tottori sand dunes, which represents Tottori Prefecture, and in the west, there are plenty of attractions, landmarks, and historic sites such as Daisen. Please enjoy relaxing sightseeing and walking.
  • Surrounding tourism list

    • Approximately 5 minutes on foot

      Chinese Garden, Enchoen

      It is the largest Chinese Garden Japan with a total area of ​​10,000 square meters.It was built as a symbol of friendship between Tottori Prefecture and the Ministry of the Ring Tsingtao Province.Chinese Acrobat shows and events are held everyday, and items made in China are also sold to souvenirs.
    • Approximately 5 minutes on foot

      Yuashisu Togo Ryuhoukaku

      Togo Onsen is a spa resort utilizing the abundant hot water of Togo Onsen.
      In addition to 10 types of bathing tubs and 3 types of saunas, two large and small open-air baths overlooking Lake Togo, a 27m long waterslide (Dragon slider), and a new Chinese bath bathing Chinese bath without bathing suits.
    • Approximately 8 minutes by car

      Ayameike Park

      There is "Ayameike Park" in one corner of Togoko Hawai Rinkai Park, which is maintained around the Sea of ​​Japan and Lake Togo.Hana shawub, which colorfully blossoms in early June, is 40 kinds of 30,000 shares.It is one of the prefecture 's prestigious famous places where you can enjoy 16 colors including white and purple.
    • Approximately 5 minutes on foot

      Yotsudeami (Yotsudeami)

      Yotsudeami Net is a fishing Yotsudeami is unique to Lake Togo. It is a fishing method where bamboo is attached to the four corners, lifted down from a hut on the shore of the lake, and taken up by a pulley. It is now left for sightseeing Togo Kohan of Lake Togo and it is one of the poetry of Lake Togo.
    • Approximately 15 minutes by car

      Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum is

      Under the theme of “a culture nurtured by people and pears”, the exhibition is full of discoveries and experiences, such as the story of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Tottori 20th century asian pear, cuisine and art immersed in pears, and tours around the world. The Inside, a Twenty Century Pear tree welcomes you.
    • Approximately 30 minutes by car

      National Treasure Mount Mitoku Nageire-do

      Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple is, Monjudo to nowhere to go up to Okuin Nageire-do (national treasure), Jizodo, the entire mountain important cultural assets are dotted, such as sutra hall has been historical landmark scenic spot designated, even in Nationwide 100 Forest Bathing Spots selection It is specified.
    • Approximately 20 minutes by car

      Gosho Aoyama Furusato-kan

      Exhibiting valuable materials such as "Detective Conan". The state of the work room in which the cartoon is actually produced is reproduced, or you can experience inventions such as "skateboard with turbo engine".
    • Approximately 60 minutes by car

      Tottori sand dunes

      Tottori sand dunes boasts a size of 16km from east to west and 2km from north to south. The seasonal breeze in the Sea of ​​Japan, its expression changed every moment.
      The climb up to Sakyu of the highest peak of the relief energy in Japan (47m) horse’s back, majestic sand dunes and the Sea of Japan, a large panorama of 360 degrees coastline overlooking curved beautifully!
    • Approximately 60 minutes by car


      Meiji (time period) 40 year, it is a Western-style Western-style building of French Renaissance style built as a separate residence of the former lord Ikeda Clan.It was used as a lodging house of the Highness of the Crown Prince (Taisho Emperor later).National designation important cultural property.
    • Approximately 80 minutes by car

      Daisen Oki National Park

      Mountain climbing, skiing, horse riding, athletic etc. Oyama has lots of sights & leisure facilities! Please enjoy the relaxing highland resort surrounded by nature!
    • Approximately 80 minutes by car

      Tottori Hanakairo

      The largest flower park in Japan "Tottori Hanakairo" is a flower paradise that you can enjoy various flowers every season in the landscape magnificent Daisen best of magnificent Daisen boasted by Tottori Prefecture.
    • Approximately 90 minutes by car

      Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Hall

      Welcome to the world of youkai.A cartoonist from Sakaiminato City will guide you to the fantasy world of youkai centering on creative works created by Mr. Shigeru Mizuki A cartoonist from Sakaiminato City.