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Sosaku Kaiseki Meal

Creative hearty creation kaiseki cooking

Bungo Fortune's Lots of Kaiseki Cuisine

Oita with Yufu Ryochiku has plenty of seafood and mountaineering raised by abundant nature such as Bungo Suido and Kuju Mountains.
We would like you to enjoy Bungo's soup deliciously ... From that one point, we are making a dish of each dish all in one spirit.Enjoy Bungo's lucky Kaiseki cuisine which you can enjoy the taste of the seasons.
  • Shabu-shabu course

    It is a super sized Japanese style Kaiseki course that you can enjoy with the best Bungo Beef in Shabushabu.
    The meat of a soft, melting texture is exquisite.
  • Both course Kaiseki course * Depends on the seats

    (Cooking example)
    Along with kaiseki cuisine, you can enjoy the charcoal grill of Oita chicken "Bungo Akadori Chicken".
    Bungo Akadori Chicken full of umami, baked Bungo Akadori Chicken with charcoal, please enjoy.
  • Chicken pot course

    Soup baked chicken pot is recommended for cold weather.
    You can enjoy the texture of both delicious meat and fluffy chicken.
  • ★Bespoke, Bungo Beef steak, you can also add sashimi of Seki horse mackerel

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