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In a romantic facility

Taisho Roman fragrance

Room feels warmth of tree

There are 8 different rooms in all.
It is a room full of the warmth of the old private house's wood.
  • Bush clover

    100% source in the main house It is a special room with a fresh outdoor bath rock bath.
    We have rooms with 2 rooms of 9 square meters and 13 square meters for 2 adults only.
  • Holly

    This room is on the first floor, with two rooms, 18 square meters and 10 square meters.
    Because it has a private entrance, you can easily go for a walk.
  • Mokuren

    Japanese room 14 square meters and western room twin room 14 square meters connected by the door.
    If you close the door key, you can also secure private, so you can spend two families at ease.
    It is safe because there are also two toilets.
  • Sazanka&Hanamizuki

    Sazanka is 14 square meters + 10 square meter room, Hanamizuki is 25 square meter room.
    It is spacious and recommended for family and group stay.
  • Kaede & Peony & Cherry Blossom

    Kaede is 16 square meters, peony · cherry tree is a room of 14 square meters.
    It is small and cozy Japanese style room.
  • Dining Hall

    The wooden chair and table are restaurants that make you feel the taste of old houses.
  • lobby

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 8:Japanese style room 7 rooms / Japanese + Western style room 1 room

Room supplement

If the bet you wish There is a twin to the sum + Western-style called Mokuren

Standard room facilities

Some rooms Bath toilet / All rooms Air conditioning / TV / Refrigerator (with chargeable beverages)


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / soap / yukata / hair dryer / duvet / shaving / shower toilet / comb·brush

Facility content


Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Beauty Spa(Toll) / Massage(Toll) / Ceramics(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

JCB / VISA / Master

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Supplement for amenity

■For those who wish, we are preparing a humidifier / air washer with one each at the front desk.

Floor plan