Hidden Village, Yukari
Hidden Village Yukari Asahi Onsen, Beginning of a Journey with Hidden Water


Hospitality with a natural hot spring and heart

Please enjoy the natural blessing, the taste of good quality hot springs and outdoor baths.Guest room of different taste Outdoor bath is very popular.Nature's blessings blessed with rich ocean and mountains, please truly appreciate the delicious ingredients, and enjoy the dishes that made use of the real taste.We will guide you to the fantastic world with the dance of fireflies in June

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Hidden Village, Yukari


1006-1 Kita, Asahi Town, Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture

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Hamada Expressway Asahi IC descend right.2 km, 2 minutes by car.Asahi Interchange Bus Stop will pick you up until the Asahi Interchange Bus Stop.

Pick-up presence (condition)
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Guide within facilities

  • lobby

    A carp and a duck greet you in a relaxing lobby.
  • Souvenirs

    We have a large selection of local products.
  • Restaurant"Irori"

    "Hidden Village Yukari" is welcome to use only meals.
    Day trip guests are also preparing Restaurant "Irori" that accommodates 40 people, which is ideal for lunch.

    Restaurant "Irori", Opening Hours
      Weekday Saturday·Sunday·Holidays, 11:00 to 14:00, (It will be open for lunch only)

You can see Hidden Village Yukari Asahi Onsen, Street View, inside the facility.

Every Wednesday is "Ladies Day"! (Limited to Weekdays)

  • Men's and women's hot water are exchanged!

    Restaurant"Irori", only for ladies of meals,

    One soft drink service!

Discontinue sales of hot spring tickets

  • Release of hot water tour tickets

    You can use your own hot spring tickets within the deadline.

    We apologize for any inconvenience but please understand.

Asahi Onsen footbath was created as a new specialty of Asahi Onsen.

  • Foot bath

    In front of entrance Hidden Village Yukari"Hidden Village Yukari".Please also use footbath when you come to Asahi Onsen.

    ■Foot bath usage time
     Saturday · Sunday · Holidays only
     From 09:00 to 18:00 (until sunset)
     Closed from mid-November to late March

Celebration of the 60th birthday party, various banquets will be accepted

  • Please also use it for your business, various events, various banquets.

    Hidden Village Yukari is a dish with a truly heart and we are helping with colorful hospitality.

    For details, please contact us by phone.

Fashionable Yukata free rental service

  • Very popular among women customers

    Asahi Onsen, in Hidden Village Yukari and- Hidden Village Yukari, we are renting fashionable yukata for free to our ladies' guests.

    【Our stylish Yukata】

    Everyone can easily tailor the fashionable yukata belt.
    You can choose a yukata robe and a belt to suit your preference.
    We also have geta at the entrance.Please enjoy a stroll with stylish Yukata.

The in-facility shared space is non-smoking.

  • For smokers please use the first floor smoking booth.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Tourist place

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.