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Information on traffic

Please take care and keep on your way.I pray for the safety and safety of everyone who visits the hotel until I return home.

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Hotel Name

Hidden Village, Yukari


Shimane Prefecture hamada city Asahi Town Kida 1006-1

Telephone number



Hamada Expressway Asahi IC descend right.2 km, 2 minutes by car.Asahi Interchange Bus Stop will pick you up until the Asahi Interchange Bus Stop.

Pick-up presence (condition)
  • When coming by car

    ※Note 1), Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine · Shimane AQUAS Aquarium Guide to customers coming from the Shimane AQUAS Aquarium area.

    When using a car navigation system, there are things that guide the ridiculous railroad road.Arifuku Onsen (Hot Spring) the Prefectural Route 50 leading from Mimata Onsen (Hot Spring) to Mimata Onsen (Hot Spring) and Asahi Onsen is close in distance, the width is narrow and it is a continuous sharp carp and the bottom is deep valley bottom and it is dangerous, The passing is also difficult.
    We recommend using the Naka Green Line from the highway or Arifuku Onsen (Hot Spring) to about Hamada to about 2 km.However, because of snowfall and freezing in winter, Naka Green Line can not be recommended.

    ※Note 2), guide to customers coming in winter.

    Be sure to prepare winter tires and tire chains in winter.Even if it is sunny on the day, the next morning may be pure white.
    When the highway is regulated, it can not pass by normal tires.Please note that because it is a countryside, you can not arrange winter tires and tire chains right away.

    ※Please note 3), please refuel the car gasoline.

    There are few gas stations in the vicinity of the hotel, the opening hours are closed, or it is a regular holiday.Asahi Town is safe not to think about refueling after arriving in the vicinity of Asahi Town, and to visit after refueling is finished.
  • Asahi IC - Details of Hidden Village Yukari

  • Asahi IC - Details of Shimane Asahi Rehabilitation Program Center

    = Shimane Asahi Rehabilitation Program Center =

    Asahi IC is located between Asahi IC and the hotel.

    Although the distance is close, you can see by seeing the map below, but it is quite good to walk.

    Guests of the hotel will pick you up so please inquire.

    (Asahi IC - The guide dog center, please walk.)
  • Coming by high-speed bus

  • By airplane

    (Until the Hidden Village Yukari)

    ■Hiroshima Airport·· · ··Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by car

    ■Hagi Iwami Airport·...·Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by car

    ■Izumo Airport·· · ··About 2 hours by car
  • In case of coming by JR · Shinkansen bullet train