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Seafood and Mountain blessings

  • Enjoy the grace of seafood and mountains, "Iwami Cuisine".

    Here in Asahi, we have taken Here in Asahi,we have taken fresh seafood deep in Here in Asahi,we have taken fresh seafood healthy vegetables nursed by the bosom of the the Chugoku Mountains a balanced diet.

    Although there is no flashy food, I appreciate the grace of nature and hospitality with dishes that made use of fresh materials.

    Koshihikari the "Koshihikari" harvested at a local contract farmer.
  • "Hidden Village Yukari" is welcome to use only meals.

    Day trip guests are also preparing Restaurant "Irori" that accommodates 40 people, which is ideal for lunch.

    ■Restaurant "Irori", Opening Hours

    Weekday Saturday·Sunday·Holidays, 11:00 to 14:00, (It will be open for lunch only)

    ※The contents may change.Please note.