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Surrounding tourism

  • A lot of fun events throughout the four seasons!

    • spring

      【Early April ~(plans)】
      ·Tsuyama Sakura Festival
      About 5 minutes by car from Chikutei
      Tsuyama City Tourism Association TEL: 0868(twenty three)3310

      【In early April】
      ·Yozakura Bus
      Approximately 25 minutes by car from Chikutei
      Tsuruyama Park, Toll
      Tourist information center → local transfer
    • summer

      【Late May ~】
      ·Hotel bus(Free)
      Transfer from Chikutei (reservation required)
      Chikutei Kondo River Bed

      【From early July to late August】
      ·Beetle and stag beetle hunting
      Approximately 15 minutes by car from Chikutei
      Mimasaka Shiitake Garden(Toll) TEL: 0868(72)1315
    • autumn

      【Early November to late February】
      ·Oyama(Oyama)The sea of ​​clouds
      Approximately 10 minutes by car from Chikutei
      Mimasaka City Office
      Ministry of Economic Affairs Tourism Promotion

      【In early November】
      About 60 minutes by car from Chikutei
      Mimasaka City Office
      Ministry of Economic Affairs Tourism Promotion
    • winter

      【Early November to late February】
      ·Oyama(Oyama)The sea of ​​clouds
      Approximately 10 minutes by car from Chikutei
      Mimasaka City Office
      Ministry of Economic Affairs Tourism Promotion

      【Early January - early May】
      ·Strawberry Picking
      Early January - early May
      Mimasaka Greenery
  • Further expanding the trip! Plenty of fascinating district spots!

    • Yu Shrine

      Yu Shrine is settled on the hill of Yunogo Onsen is Onamuchi-no-mikoto, god of creating nations, Sukunahiko-no-mikoto, god of medicine as the main god festival, the harmony of nature It is an unusual shrine that enshrines the four pillars of God, "God Oyamatsumi-no-mikoto", God of fulfillment such as rituals and traffic safety "fulfillment of Hondawake-no-mikoto" .Wisteria, autumn leaves and other beautiful sceneries can be enjoyed every season, and it is said that there is a benefit of extending life extension longevity, good edge Fukusuke, and disappearance.

      【One minute on foot】
    • Modern Toy Museum, Music Box Yume-kan

      A popular spot hosting world music boxing and music box concerts, including Swiss cylinder type music boxes and autoramas (Karakuri dolls).In addition, a lot of wooden toys are displayed, and in the playroom there is also a space that you can actually play with a toy collection.
      Also, at the museum shop, we also sell recommended toys and music boxes.

      【3 minutes on foot】
    • toy box from those old days, Showakan

      Around Showa (time period) of the elementary school classrooms and the kitchen, as well, such as Barber is reproduced, it can be seen with migratory the Tokoro crowdedly and side-by-side exhibits as narrow maze.Vending machines that run in the country are the oldest vending machines, valuable manga is also displayed in the book corner, and can actually be read in the table corner.

      【2 minutes by car】
    • Model Trains Muweum and Vintage Toy Museum

      The train model (N gauge) is a popular spot where diorama, which reproduces a nostalgic landscape, is popular.It is also popular among young children, as you can also play train by actually renting plarail. (Toll)
      Also, many Retro Toy Museum are exhibiting the old-fashioned Showa (time period)'s living tools, cartoon magazines, toys and so on.

      【2 minutes by car】
    • Mimasaka City Sports Park(Mimasaka Rugby and Soccer Field)

      It is 5 minutes by car from Yunogo Onsen.Beijing Olympics and Nadeshiko Camp in London Olympics are held, Okayama National Sports Festival of Japan is a Mimasaka Rugby and Soccer Field designated as a rugby venue.This place is also a home base of the local women 's football team'Okayama Yunogo Belle'which is a member of the' Nadeshiko League '.In the premises there are various sports facilities such as Mimasaka Arena, tennis court, baseball field, soft kendo place, and you can enjoy sports all the year as "Mimasaka City Sports Park".After sweating in sports, relaxing in hot springs, it is how to enjoy this place.

      【10 minutes by car】
    • Okayama International Circuit

      It is an international standard circuit which opened in Mimasaka City (Former Aida Town) as an official course of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) in 1991 and is famous as one of the westmost technical courses of West Japan consisting of two long straight and small and large 13 corners.
      In addition to holding races of two wheels and four wheels, we have a wide range of various events.

      【38 minutes by car】
    • Fureai no yu(Yunogo Onsen footbath)

      It is a free footbath in Yunogo Onsen.It is shaped like a footstool of the giant legend "Sanbutaro" in the Mimasaka Region, with motifs of going and taking in 3 steps to the capital of Kyoto.Please take a leisurely while walking in the hot spring town.

      【5 minutes by car】
    • Rice terrace in Ueyama

      Once in the rice terrace of Ueyama said that there were 8,300 terraced paddy fields.I am working on rice terrace regeneration to regain the beautiful rice terraces of ancient Japan.

      【25 minutes by car】