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  2. Overnight Stay Plan

Overnight Stay Plan

  • 【Healing mealless plan】 ◆You can enjoy a private bath and a public bath!

    The first standard in the hotel【Only Room/ No Meals Included】plan.
    Because I can not eat, I can relax at my own pace.

    ◎ Sauce ◎ to immerse in fresh "Yu no Ko Onsen" ◎ --------

    As well as the public bath, you can use the charter family 's freeContinue reading
  • 【Room with Open Air Bath】Leisurely with a private time "no meal"plan

    Spacious ", garden bath," and the specialty of the hotel ", Tubu Bath,"
    It is a guest room with a meal without plan to have a relaxing time.

    Because you can enjoy private space & time
    It is recommended for couples and couples.

    Also, family witContinue reading
  • A nightly breakfast plan (It will be a restaurant nearby.)

    Customers using this plan can use not only the public bath but also private family baths with priority.While listening to the sound of the waves and the breeze in the bathroom of warm wood, enjoy a fresh and good quality hot spring with a sourceContinue reading