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Superb natural spa

A "living" hot spring with a source of four seasons with a face of four seasons

Since we use the source as it is, we feel the weight in hot water and enjoy the feeling that hot spring ingredients will soak into the body.
Yurakutei is a hot spring where Yurakutei staff enters every day.
Apart from sightseeing, especially those who work hard at work every day, those who want to enter a person who is tired of chronic body is a hot spring.

Akayu · hot water and big cave bath

The quality of hot springs where television interviews and university professors are amazed.
It is Japan's best-class carbonated water boasting a bicarbonate content of 3340 mg, and it is a hot spring that is effective for skin diseases, cuts, burns.
  • Cave bath with entrance to outdoor bath

    Cave bath with entrance to family handmade open-air bath.
    The hotel has two kinds of natural hot springs, Shirayu hot spring springing out in November 1972 and Akayu Onsen springing out in July 1996.

    You can take a bath from 6 o'clock in the morning until 23 o'clock in the evening.

  • Akayu

    Akayu did not come out in the Kumamoto Earthquake.
    Currently, we are undergoing bowling work.

    Akayu hot spring ingredients

    Hot spring qualities
    Sodium-chloride·Hydrogen carbonate spring(Neutral hypotonic high spring)
    【Spring fountain】 47.0 ℃
    《 Total dissociation component 》 7747 mg / kg

    【Cation】Cation ion meter 2464 mg / kg
     ■Lithium 0.35 mg / kg
     ■Sodium 2299 mg / kg
     ■Potassium 79.1 mg / kg
     ■Magnesium 65.4 mg / kg
     ■Calcium 11.8 mg / kg
     ■iron(II) 5.5 mg / kg

    【anion】Anion gauge 5283 mg / kg
     ■Fluorine 0.2 mg / kg
     ■Chlorine 1942 mg / kg
     ■Iodine -
     ■Hydrogen sulfide 0.7 mg / kg
     ■Bicarbonate 3340 mg / kg

    Analyst:(Company)Kumamoto Prefecture Pharmaceutical Association Pharmaceutical Inspection Center
    ■Kumamoto Earthquake hot water is currently stopped due to the Kumamoto Earthquake and it is under construction.
    ■The ingredients of the hot spring change in the four seasons.
  • White water

    White water that springs out in 1972.
    It is weakly alkaline and hot water is very soft and smooth.
    After bathing, the skin becomes smooth and it is popular as a beautiful hot water.

    Shirayu hot spring ingredients

    Hot spring qualities
    Fountain quality: Sodium-hydrogen carbonate spring(Weak alkaline hypotonic low spa)
    【Spring fountain】 33.5 ℃
    《 Total dissociation component 》 1009 mg / kg

    【Cation】Positometer 295.9 mg / kg
     ■Lithium 0.3 mg / kg
     ■Sodium 281.3 mg / kg
     ■Potassium 5.6 mg / kg
     ■Magnesium 2.6 mg / kg
     ■Calcium 6.1 mg / kg

    【anion】Anion gauge 712.9 mg / kg
     ■Fluorine 0.6 mg / kg
     ■Chlorine 52.6 mg / kg
     ■Hydrogen sulfide 0.6 mg / kg
     ■Bicarbonate 659.1 mg / kg

    Analyst:(Company)Kumamoto Prefecture Pharmaceutical Association Pharmaceutical Inspection Center
    ■The ingredients of the hot spring change in the four seasons.
  • 《 Hot spring legend 》The first spring discovered hot springs "silent" dig here! The water will spring up "

    The early morning woke up to the sound of the babbling early morning in cold January, 1945.
    In a corner of the garden, a runaway stands at the place where there is nothing, a river flows.
    A strange old man stood white with a white long white beard with a white face in front of her eyes.

    The old man suddenly washed out her face.
    The owner put his hands on the trend.
    "Wow! It's hot water."
    At the moment, my grandfather became a white snake, swam in the stream and left.

    A couple of years later, when it was time to start drilling groundwater, the owner suddenly remembered the dream of the hot spring and consulted with the bowling alley and began to mineral springs.
    A year ago when a little passed, a really hot spring springed out where there was nothing as the old man told us.
  • Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns’ Member Hotel

    Approximately 200 member nationwide members in Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns.
    Yurakutei Daidokutsu no Yado also passed the strict examination criteria and I was able to join.

    I will stamp a stamp every time I stay in a member inn that Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns.
    (However, depending on the accommodation plan, there are things that can not be stamped.)

    If 10 stamps are collected within 3 years, you can use one night's free of charge at the accommodation you stayed from among the accommodations.
    Would you like to take a tour of secret hot springs on this occasion?

Hot spring information list

Hot Springs

Yumigahama Onsen(Natural hot spring 100%) Hot Spring Baskdown ※It does not include artificial hot springs

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 2 Female: 2 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0

Bath Terms of Use

In the meantime (until Akayu reopens)
Men's bath·Outdoor bath·Cave bath
All baths are of only one type of white water
It becomes correspondence.Please acknowledge it.