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  2. Overnight Stay Plan

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Japanese Spiny Lobster& Tharaba crab & carefully selected cow! Luxury plan!

    ■Japanese Spiny Lobster is a popular plan that you can taste Japanese Spiny Lobster and crab crab · carefully selected cattle.■
    For customers who want to eat Japanese Spiny Lobster and crab crabs even if they come to the mountain
    Charcoal grilliContinue reading
  • 【Japanese Spiny Lobster& Taraba & carefully selected cow & gem】Charcoal grill special plan

    ■■■■"More gorgeous! We will respond to the voice of■■■■
    Fresh Amakusa sashimi and Kumamoto Prefecture meat · Homemade Koshihikari Rice, small bowl, tempura of wild vegetables etc. Taste the chef's caution as a chef Mini Kaiten Cuisine, Japanese Continue reading
  • 【Charcoal grilled in the fireplace room! 】Feast Plan

    ●Charcoal fire plan
    You can enjoy the charcoal grill at the fireplace restaurant.
    Cooking content such as seafood pottery increases in the charcoal grill course 13000 yen.

    <Introduction of the bathroom inside the facility>
    Privately openContinue reading
  • 【Limited Number of Groups】Charcoal fire plan

    ■■■Please enjoy "Charcoal grilled course hearth"■■

    For dinner, we will prepare "Aso san's Fortune-packed" Charcoal Grilling course"at a special restaurant dedicated to charcoal fire
    For breakfast, take Japanese breakfast at the restauranContinue reading