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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka

    Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka···Shin-itabashi → Motohasunuma (Toei Mita Line / Takashimadaira) 10 minutes walk from Moto-Hasunuma Station
  • Teikyo University Hospital

    Access to Teikyo University Hospital.

    From the hotel ...
    JR Saikyo Line 10-minute walk from the neighboring Jujo Station JR Saikyo Line.
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  • Before check-in, Luggage storage after

    We will keep your luggage at the front desk both before check-in and after check-in.
    *Due to various circumstances, we will keep the depositContinue reading
  • About non-smoking rooms

    As there are limited number of non-smoking rooms, if you wish, we are afraid, please contact our front desk.If the non-smoking room is fullyContinue reading
  • Ajinomoto National Training Center

    Ajinomoto National Training Center

    5 minutes by train from Toei Mita Line and Itabashi Station, 10 minutes by foot from Hon Hasune Station
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  • Saizeria&LAWSON

    30 seconds on foot from the hotel Saizeria&LAWSON
  • Mc Donald's is closer than the station

    It is a Mc Donald's immediately diagonally forward. It is a feeling of one person winning at the east exit · ·
  • The west entrance is lively.

    The west entrance on the other side of the station is supermarket, it is lively with a pub and family restaurant
  • It may be the most popular shop around the station.

    To be honest, I am always crowded ...It is Italian.
  • Group hotel information

    Thank you for using it all the time!

    In addition to the hotel

         Hotel Bougainvillea Akebonobashi
         Hotel Bougainvillea Minowa
         HContinue reading
  • It is convenient for taking entrance exam at a neighboring school.

    It is convenient for examinations such as Teikyo University Taisho University, Tokyo Kasei University, Taisho University.

    Because the ItahContinue reading

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