【Official】Kawaguchiko Country Cottage Ban

Welcome to a resort with a panoramic view of Mt Fuji

A full-scale resort of healing and excitement, standing in a wooded area such as Akamatsu, overlooking Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko

A luxurious stay that goes beyond the concept of a rental villa on a site of 6,000 tsubo

  • Various types of cottages

    WiFi, floor heating, air conditioner, bath, shower room (part), toilet (washlet), washbasin, refrigerator, microwave oven, gas stove, rice cooker, oven toaster, cooking utensils, induction cooktop (part), tableware set Japanese table, double elbow chair (part), bed (part), duvet, TV, microwave oven

Glamping resort

  • It is a cottage type that you can enjoy while glamping

    Glamping resort is a little extravagant to enjoy camping in the forest, which is a bit different from traditional cottages.
    Mainly on trailer house specifications for mobile camping
    Around it, there is a space dedicated to customers such as a large wooden deck, a petite tent, and a BBQ corner.
    Although the rooms are compact, you can enjoy the excitement of camping, and you can also enjoy a little hill trekking outdoors.

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