2. Things to do

Things to do

How to spend at the hotel

Just as if you visited a hot spring inn

You can have a relaxing time in the facility with a delicious meal and a public bath and forgetting to stay at a business hotel.
  • First day

    • 15: 00 / hotel arrival·Check In

      I appreciate your long trip.Complete the check-in and take a break in the room.Korona World it is adjacent to the Korona World, you can enjoy the amusement park after check-in.

    • Relaxing at 16: 00 / public bath

      In the hotel's public bath, relax and take off limbs.Fukkori with low temperature sauna.While being a business hotel, you can have a comfortable time, just like having come to a hot spring inn.
    • Please enjoy your meal at 18: 00 / Fresh Bar Tentekomai.

      You can enjoy the seasonal ingredients at the 2nd floor Fresh Bar Tentekomai, which has been well received by everyone.
    • 20: 00 / After eating in the room loose

      After a super size meal, please spend relaxing in the room.In the single room, you can relax comfortably by extending the limb with a wide bed of 120 cm in width.
  • the 2nd day

    • 6: 00 / morning bath in public bath

      While rubbing sleepy eyes, go to the public bath.The awakening bath is the best.Because it is in the facility, you can come in without having to worry about staying in your room.

    • 7: 00 / Super size breakfast buffet

      Returning repeat! Please enjoy our breakfast buffet.Both Japanese and Western cuisine, only cooking of super size.Please enjoy whatever you like as much as you want.
    • 8: 00 / Walking in Mt Komaki

      Next to the hotel, there is Mt Komaki 86 m above sea level.It is a 20 minute walk to the summit.From the summit, you can overlook the Komaki City city.How about walking Mt Komaki without losing one after breakfast?
    • 10: 00 / Check out

      Thank you very much for using our hotel.Enjoy after checking out at Komaki Korona World, a 5-minute walk from the hotel.We do not get tired of spending the whole day including karaoke, bowling, game center and so on.
  • ≪Surrounding tourism≫

    Emotional city "Komaki"

    Komaki Mt Komaki which makes you feel history, Komaki city ​​is a city filled with various emotions such as shrines and temples, gourmet in historic sites.Based on our hotel, how about traveling to find your own original spot?
    • Komaki Korona World

      ≪Komaki Korona World≫Immediately
      It is a group facility of the hotel.Cinema is an amusement center mainly of Cinema.
      Cinema, games centers, bowling, karaoke and pachinko.
      You can enjoy until late at night.

      〒 485 - 0083, 33 Muranaka Shin Town, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, 0568-72-9226
      1km south of Meishin Expressway Komaki IC, corner of R 41 Mamahommachi Intersection
      7 days a week
      Business hours vary depending on the store.
    • Mt Komaki·Komaki Castle

      《Mt Komaki·Komaki Castle》Immediately
      Five minutes on foot to the foot.
      It is about 20 minutes on foot from the foot to the summit.It is a mountain with an altitude of 85.9 meters.
      What stands at the top is Komaki Castle, which Oda Nobunaga built.
      In 'Battle of Nagakute Komaki and Battle of Nagakute, Ieyasu Tokugawa became the position of the position.
      It is now the Komaki City History Museum.
      Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are very beautiful.
      The view from the high floor of the hotel is also wonderful.
      Try sweating lightly on a promenade to the top, a walk in the morning, how about you?

      〒 485 - 0046, 1-1 Horinouchi, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, 0568-72-0712
      Opening hours, 9: 00-16: 30
      Closed holiday, third Thursday of every month (next day in case of holiday)
      Adult(s), 100 yen, children, 30 yen, ※Children free on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
    • Mama Kannon

      ≪Mama Kannon≫Immediately
      The Senju Kannon-zou Statue of Honbune is said to have a benefit in the wish of breastfeeding and is known as Ochichi-no-otera Temple only "Ochichi-no-otera Temple" in Japan.

    • Park Arena Komaki

      ≪Park Arena Komaki≫4 minutes by car from the hotel
      It is a full-scale sports park with a main arena and a sub-arena, an artificial turf soccer ground equipped with a general gymnasium and night equipment.
      JBL games and sports national competitions are also held.
      Please also stay at the hotel with support, watching and players.
      There is also a sports gym, so it is also recommended for people who wish to exercise.
    • Menard Art Museum

      ≪Menard Art Museum≫4 minutes by car from the hotel
      The founder of Menard Cosmetics 20 years of art collections that the couple has collected as a part of cultural contribution.
      We prepare pamphlets at the front desk.
    • Tagata-jinja Shrine

      ≪Tagata-jinja Shrine≫10 minutes by car from the hotel
      It is a rare shrine where male vessels are enshrined.
      The God of God, Mitoshi-no-Kami, who is the God of breeding rice crops and all things, and Tamahime-no-Mikoto, a god of a Tamahime-no-Mikoto, are enshrined.
      Hounen Matsuri is famous for its Osewagata, which is made of Bong new every year Osewagata in a festival that evil man who is dedicated bearers in the portable shrine to domestic and overseas.

      〒 485 - 0004, 152 Tagata Town, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, 0568-76-2906

    • Inuyama Castle

      ≪Inuyama Castle≫Approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel
      Inuyama Castle Tenmon years (1537), was founded by a is Nobuyasu Oda uncle of Nobunaga Oda, is the oldest of the wooden castle tower Japan in existence.

      〒 484 - 0082, 65-2 Inuyama Kitakoken, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, 0568-61-1711
      About 15 minutes on foot from Inuyama station
      9: 00-16: 30 (closed gate is 17: 00)
      Adult(s), 500 yen
      small·Middle school students, 100 yen
    • THE Little World MUSEUM OF MAN

      ≪THE Little World MUSEUM OF MAN≫Approximately 25 minutes by car from the hotel

      90-48 Imai Narisawa, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
      TEL 0568-62-5611, FAX 0568-61-2090

      Opening Hours
      9: 30 to 17: 00(March to November), 10:00 to 16:00(December), 10:00 to 16:30(January to February)

      Adult(s)·University student
      1600 yen(An individual)1400 yen(Group)5000 Yen(Annual pass)
      Silver(65 years of age or older)
      1200 yen(An individual)1,000 yen (Group)4000 yen(Annual pass)
      High school student·International student
      1,000 yen (An individual)800 yen(Group)2500 Yen(Annual pass)
      small·Middle school students
      600 yen(An individual)500 yen(Group)1,500 yen(Annual pass)
      Infants(3 years and over)
      300 yen(An individual)200 yen(Group)700 yen(Annual pass)
    • The Museum Meiji-Mura

      ≪The Museum Meiji-Mura≫About 20 minutes by car from the hotel
      An open-air museum that preserves and displays the Meiji Period ( 1868 - 1912 ) Architecture.
      0568-67-0314, 9: 30 to 17: 00 (※ November to February in winter ~ 16: 00)
      Adult(s)(18 years and over) ¥ 1,600(Group)¥ 1,400
      Senior(65 years of age or older) 1,200 yen(Group)¥ 1,000
      High school student 1,000 yen(Group) 800 yen
      small·Junior high school student 600 yen(Group) 500 yen
    • Okashinoshiro

      《Okashinoshiro》Approximately 15 minutes by car from the hotel
      Experiences of making cookies and cakes, trial-fitting experience of "dresses called"Henshin-no-heya", sweets buffets are popular.

      1-11 Shinkawa, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture

      Opening Hours
      Weekdays(Monday - Friday) 9: 30 to 17: 00
      Saturday·Sunday·Holidays and public holidays 9: 00-18: 00
      The entrance is an hour before the closing time
      Entrance fee
      Adult(s)(Above high school student), 1200 yen
      children(3 years and over), 900 yen