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  • Log House Annex

    Which of the following statements would be good?

    ① I can relax without having to worry about surrounding by charter cottage. A nice scent of wood ...!
    The morning view on a sunny day is the best!
    Refrigerator and toilet are included.There are 4 beds and 1 extra bed.

    ② It is barrier free at the corner Log House Annex.
    There are 2 rooms with 2 beds for 4 people each.Of course you can have a pet accompanying OK and feel free to spend it!
    Although baths are not attached, please use the main pot's Mino ware pottery bath or rented Observatory bath in a separate building for rental.
    Discount coupons are available for people using neighboring hot springs!
  • Main building Western style room

    For guidance and request of pet accommodation, please check "Frequently asked questions" and "Notification blog".
    The main building western room is available only for small medium size dogs.
    (Please apply for large dogs by cottage usage plan)
    ※Recommended, ◎ We recommend that you use 4 adults or 2 people with multiple head owners.Please contact me.
  • Main building Terrace

    The terrace in the main building is a playground for small dog dogs!
  • ☆About pet accommodation☆

    【Pet price】
    Large dog, 2000 yen (cottage only)
    Medium dog, 1,500 yen
    Small dog, 1,000 yen , ※Please be sure to inform us about breeds.

    ☆It is a dog that does not bark unnecessarily, marking that the toilet is completely disciplined and that it can be in the same room.(Please use diapers such as still incomplete puppies in the toilet.For boys with the possibility of marking, please wear manor belt)

    ●Dogs barking at other customers and pets and intimidating dogs are owners, so please be careful to avoid contact.

    ●Things you would like to bring
      ☆Food · ··It seems that things that are ever used or everyday are good.

    I am asking for the next trip to be a pleasant trip with pet

    ☆Please shampoo and brush brush.If the smell is tight, you can not share the same room.
    ☆When leaving the room please be sure to use adhesive tape or cleaner to clean up the hair loss.Bet covers, sheets (since the hair attached to the owner adheres to the sheet) pillow cover, floor and so on.We recommend that you wear clothes for dog breeds and periods with many hair loss.Also, please never remove the bed cover.
    ☆I can not play with the garden or dockland until the check-in time.(Because it becomes annoying to other Pension who is taking a break with a dog's bark)
    ☆Please be sure to attach the lead except for the room.Be sure to turn on the leads except when you are walking with docklands.
    ☆Please do not raise above the bed.Please bring an overwear rug to the child who surely goes up.
    ☆Please inform us immediately if you have broken coats or things in your room (Please note that you may be asked for a reimbursement)
    ☆You can accompany meal in the meal.In that case brushing carefully, please be sure to put on clothes.It will be ready to wait.Barking or intimidating, marking episodes or terrible children with hair loss can not participate so please understand)

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms: 5 rooms:Western-style room 5 rooms / 4 other rooms
Western-style breakdown:2 twin rooms(-)

Room supplement

There is one cottage.For holidays, specific days, use only from 3 people

Standard room facilities

Some rooms Bathroom / All rooms Air-conditioning / Television


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / soap / duvet / swab

Facility content

No-smoking room

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Golf(Toll) / Putter Golf(Toll) / Fishing / Horse riding(Toll) / Ceramics(Toll) / Buckwheat noodles(Toll) / Day use(Toll) / Bike Rental / Tennis / Pet OK(Toll) / With cage / Cage brought in / Room·Lounge bring in OK

Credit cards available locally

Payment of credit cards can not be done on site.

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Supplement for amenity

Non smoking rooms(Smoking room available)
refrigerator, pot(Joint)
Towels and bath towels are rented and placed on the shelves of the room with a toothpaste set.
Hair dryer is in each washroom (communal)
The toilet is a washlet toilet all over the place.