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We cook "Seafood" and "Yamanoyuki" of Sanriku so that you can feel the seasons.

  • Dinner

    Dish using freshly caught seafood from Sanriku.
    Plenty of volume with mainly selected ingredients from Iwate prefecture.
    • "Tasty Set Meal』
    • "Enjoy the seasonal taste of Sanriku!"plan Gozen
    • "Bob / New Year Party"plan Gozen
    • "Money crab accommodation pack"plan low dining table

    Seasonal dishes

    • Sea urchin
      Sanriku Product range from late April to local From Taro from early June to early August.

    • Oyster miso grill
      If you eat it with miso mixed with the taste of oysters, you will enjoy both rice and sake.
    • Tore pichi rice bowl (freshly caught fishes on rice)
      We served seafood caught locally.
      It is a gem that you want to make Taro's new specialty!
    • Hoya Sashimi
      There is no doubt that fresh squirts will be addictive! From late April to early August.
    • Autumn sword fish sashimi
      Once you have “Swordfish Sashimi” that can be made because it is fresh.
      Until early November.
    • Amberjack sashimi
      The secret of the deliciousness of amberjack is the richness of fat and the good aftertaste that does not make you feel it.
      From around December.
    • Salted squid
      Really delicious! Chief chef's homemade salted squid.
    • Local sake and wine
      Conversations such as Iwate's local sake and Ohasama's wine will be more exciting.
  • Buffet Breakfast

    Buffet style breakfast.
    We offer a variety of well-balanced menus.
    For vitality of the day!
    • Buffet Breakfast

      Business hours
      From 7:00 to 8:30
      Guest Services
      General person breakfast 1,100 yen(Tax included)
  • Ajisho Yamaboshi

    Ajidokoro Yamaboshi is available for dinner without meals or for overnight guests.
    We offer sashimi set meal, tempura set meal and other rice items, as well as noodles.
    We have a wide variety of snacks and alcohol.

    Menu example
    Iwaizumi Ryusendo Cave Kurobuta pork cutlet set meal 1,870 yen(Tax included)
    Sashimi set meal 1,650 yen(Tax included)
    Shunsaizen 3,080 yen(Tax included)
    And so on. . .
    • Ajisho Yamaboshi

      Business hours
      From 17:00 to 21:30(Last order 21:00)
      Lunch is not open
      However, if you can make a reservation in advance, such as a group reservation, we will accept it.