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  2. Overnight Stay Plan

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Standard accommodation plan

    < Check In >
    ◇ Half board from 15: 00
    ◇ Breakfast only, without meals from 18:00 to 20:00 ※When you arrive late please contact

    < Bath time >
    6:00 in the morning to 23:00 in the evening

    < Check Out >
    All until 10:00

    <Children·Infant charge>
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  • Break plan

    < 3 hour break >
    ◇ Basic charge 3,000 yen, * Room charge, Yukata, Towel etc separately

    < One-day hot springs >
    ◇ 1,000 yen per hour

    After bathing, meals are also available.

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  • 【Super sized set meal set】Seasonal taste proficient! 2 Meals Included plan

    It is a standard plan with overnight dinner & breakfast.
    We will take a rest in a calm and purely Japanese room.
  • 【Anniversary】With a hole cake! Please spend an important day in a quiet hot-spring inn.

    【Anniversary celebrating enjoying hot springs and seasonal cuisine in Hakone! 】
    Birthday, wedding anniversary, entrance celebration, employment celebration, 60th birthday celebration etc. ,,,
  • 【Limited to Weekdays】Stay up to 24 hours! Hot springs full of petit spa therapy feeling

    I do not mind the time, I want to fully enjoy the hot springs!
    "24-hour stay plan" here was born from the customer's voice called!
  • 【Please enjoy sushi for dinner.】A little luxury with meal upgrade! <1 Night/ 2 Meals>

    Dinner will be a luxurious menu with sushi, a grade up plan!
    Since I came on a trip, I wanted a little luxury! Recommended for those who say!