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  • Extreme Shanghai fresh fishermen

    You can fully enjoy the umami of the seafood with abundant fresh high-quality local fish landed at the local "Enoura Fishing Port", mainly natural black abalone and natural lobster.
    We serve sashimi to ensure your satisfaction, but the contents vary depending on the season and stocking conditions.
  • Local fish seafood fishermen prime

    You can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the fish, mainly freshly caught seafood caught at the local "Enoura Fishing Port".
    • Limited Time Only

  • Live tightened angler fish pan

    This grotesque creature lurks at the bottom of the Japanese sea, waiting for you.

    There are seven tools, including the sea urchin foie gras, willow (body), river (kawa), water bag (stomach), nuno (ovary), gills (gill), and tomo (tail fin, pectoral fin). The soup in the pot that was used without is so delicious that it seems wasteful to leave.
    • Limited Time Only

  • Fried angler fish

    This is a dish where you can fully enjoy the umami of the fish, mainly the live fish and fish caught at the local "Enoura Fishing Port".
  • Extreme Shanghai fisherman grilled

    Do you know the deliciousness of seafood cooked through fire?  It is humanity to eat freshly caught fish, shellfish, prawns, etc. with sashimi.However, when you cook it, the umami is activated and it's wonderful.
    Please enjoy this opportunity.
  • Finest tempura

    You can enjoy it mainly with one dish centered on local vegetables, two dishes centered on local seafood, and the finest fried tempura.
  • Seasonal high quality seafood, freshly picked vegetables

    There are many dishes prepared with local fish and local vegetables.The dishes vary depending on the season, stocking situation, and the chef's policy (I don't want to eat bad food)

The best local ingredients

  • Direct fisherman boat

    The freshness and deliciousness of seafood such as mattodai, anglerfish, and octopus, which Kachoen is passionately purchasing, attaches importance to freshness and deliciousness.
    Depending on the type and situation of the fish, we will prepare the ingredients with the skillful judgment such as tightening the live or carrying it directly to the cage of Kachoen.
    Everyone, please enjoy the many delicious dishes that are better than anywhere else!
    Anyways! ...It's good!