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  • Kaiseki Meal

    "I want to make use of the seasonal materials that I can only taste at that time, to deliver in the best condition."

    I think that passion of such a chef can be seen in each material selection.

    We will hospitality with a variety of glamorous dishes that will challenge boldly to contemporary arrangements while placing emphasis on tradition, and also enjoyable looks.

    ■A serious fight by skilled chefs.
    You will be able to feel the craftsmanship with that one item.
  • Shabu-Shabu

    Please enjoy the taste of the material itself.By sprinkling hot water, the fat of the meat falls, and it may be popular that low fat and healthy.

    If you pass hot water through vegetables too, you can ingest a lot of it, so from that sense you can say that it is a healthy-oriented dish.

    ■course popular throughout the year.
    It is a popular course throughout the four seasons against the backdrop of recent health food boom.