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Please enjoy the seafood, Yama no Sato of the natural preserve "Toyama bay".

Toyama bay customer who visits Toyama is astonished by the freshness and rich taste of seafood available in Toyama bay.
Toyama bay, one of the leading steep topography in Japan, is a treasure trove of fish.Seasonal fish will never be interrupted throughout all seasons, such as the cold weather that became a nationwide brand, Toyama Bay White Prawn in Toyama Bay Hotaruika, ruined pre-prick slugs.

Hotel Kurobe's cuisine attractions ~ Introduction of dishes

  • Special, Random Kurobe plan

    It is a luxurious hotel plan.
    Toyama seafood, Yamanobu sprinkled with plenty of delicious plain plan.
    You can enjoy the harmony of the taste that craftsmen create as soul.
  • Child's meal

    Children can enjoy cooking as well!
    Considering the balance of children 's meals.

    Allergies, etc. We also respond to requests of the menu.
  • Highlight 1, 30 minutes to fresh basket.Seafood directly to Toyama bay.

    "Natural preserve" It is only 30 minutes by car from Toyama bay to Unazuki.You can eat fresh seafood taken in the Sea of ​​Japan examined by the chief chef, the mountain which made a careful examination in the day.
  • Mountains, Yamanoyuki, rice, sake, cultivated in the spring water of Kurobe, Famous Water 100 places to visit.

    Toyama rice also special honor was charged with a high of clear stream Kurobe river famous water sake and one of the leading Komedokoro in the whole country.Please enjoy chopsticks in the seasons and enjoy the time of bliss that makes you drunk with delicious drinks.

Toyama delicious book

  • How about breakfast while watching Unazuki dam?

    Unazuki dam spreading before me is a scenic view of the masterpiece.Drowsiness may also blow away ....
    Please enjoy relaxing and delicious rice of Kurobe while watching the spectacular scenery.
    ※Depending on the room you may not be able to see the dam.
    Hotel Kurobe participates in "Toyama's delicious breakfast" project.
    ●Using rice produced in Toyama Prefecture, sharpen rice with delicious water of Toyama, we serve rice for morning cooking.
    ●We serve breakfast in each region using ingredients produced in Toyama Prefecture.
    ●We serve delicious water of Toyama at breakfast.
    ※Depending on the circumstances, we may offer you local drinks.
  • Toyama's delicious breakfast.

    Cooking examples] First Toyama Famous Water! Kurobe Natural Water / refilling big welcome cooked Toyama rice Koshihikari / rice dumpling served with miso mushrooms, baked seaweed / a little nostalgic dish simmered bowl / soup good potato sweet sesame oeme / Unazuki Onsen boiled tsubetsubu hot spring hot spring egg / Toyama Local Menu Tekiumiko kelp deadline, baked fish cake, grilled fish, such as / vegetables also firmly Toyama Food, Umiko salad / Nyuzen, Nishio soy sauce shop in the country miso miso soup pot / vegetable pickles dried daikon strips tossed with plum, sugar kelp / fruit Pine ,orange