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Guests for Overnight Stay

While watching the Truck Train on the other side, enjoy the four seasons of the Kurobe gorge.

  • Four seasons of Kurobe gorge which can be expected from all rooms.
    We will provide you with the best relaxation and healing time to foster a journey.

    Panorama of the Kurobe gorge the magnificent scale that appears when you open the hotel window.The calm flow of the Kurobe river below me and the smell of the four seasons carried by Qing and the comfort of the wind are the UnazukiOnsen Best of UnazukiOnsen Best.A cute trolley train heading to the Kurobe gorge climbs the tokotoko and the slope on the other side, and the Unazuki dam upstream.You can also witness the splendid water discharge moment if the time matches.

  • Wind in the river surface brings cherry blossoms to the room in spring ...
    In the summer the cool water surface and the mountains full of greenery entertain the eyes ...
    In autumn I look at the burning autumn leaves panorama ...
    In winter, I look forward to the mountains of the silver and relax relaxingly in the outdoor bath ...

    It is also the biggest luxury of Hotel Kurobe.
  • 30 minutes to a fresh basket.Seafood directly to Toyama bay.Please eat natural fish preserve "Seafood in Toyama bay", Yamanobi happily.

    Toyama bay customer who visits Toyama is astonished by the freshness and rich taste of seafood available in Toyama bay.
    Toyama bay, one of the leading steep topography in Japan, is a treasure trove of fish.Seasonal fish will never be interrupted throughout all seasons, such as the cold weather that became a nationwide brand, Toyama Bay White Prawn in Toyama Bay Hotaruika, ruined pre-prick slugs.
    Such "natural crib" is only 30 minutes by car from Toyama bay to Unazuki.You can eat fresh seafood taken in the Sea of ​​Japan examined by the chief chef, the mountain which made a careful examination in the day.In addition, prestigious clear stream was charged in the famous water of Kurobe river sake and one of the largest of Komedokoro also Toyama rice exceptional in the whole country.Please enjoy chopsticks in the seasons and enjoy the time of bliss that makes you drunk with delicious drinks.
  • Kurobe gorge nature surrounded by "open-air bath in the woods"Kurobe gorge high of high natural hot springs of various panorama and transparency in every season of the Kurobe gorge will heal daily fatigue.

    Unazuki Onsen most upstream of the Unazuki Onsen, boasting nearest from the source area, boasts the finest quality of transparency in Japan and smoothness, Unazuki Onsen water quality of spring water.Two outdoor baths full of open feeling and a large public bath that can take a bath to a total of about 100 people are prepared for men and women who want closer to the panorama of the canyon.
    Cherry blossoms and fresh green in spring, dark green in summer, autumn leaves in fall, snow scene in winter.Occasionally, the travel of the truck train passing by the opposite shore is also good, along with the expressions of the four seasons that move perfectly.Please enjoy the moment when you leave yourself to the warmth of nature deeply.
  • Please leave a banquet such as the forgotten year party and welcome party.

    The large banquet hall of Hotel Kurobe accommodates up to 140 people.It can be used for various purposes such as company's year-end / new year party, neighborhood association and various circle launches.Of course, Gozen, course cuisine dishes in which the chief chef was applied by the arm.Moreover, ""Asagiri"" which can be used as a multipurpose space can accommodate up to 70 people in school format.It can be used for various purposes such as seminars and conferences.
  • Please tell me the story of the trip.Hotel Kurobe is our "home away from home".

    One of the memories of the trip is interaction with the people of the land.Climate, customs, history of the land and folk tales, etc. will warmly color your handbook of your trip.
    Hotel Kurobe cherishes most importantly is to become a "home away from home that is connected with customers with a smile and loved beyond generations".Please feel free to voice our staff at Hotel Kurobe.
    In short time we can touch each other, I always think about how much I can relax from my heart, I always want to feel warm, I want to send off my customers with a healthy and smiley face.