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Hotel MIYUKI annex


473 Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture

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25 minutes by bus from JR Naganohara Kusatsu-guchi station 5 minutes on foot from Kusatsu Onsen bus terminal, (Car) 90 minutes from Kanetsu Road Shibukawa Ikaho IC
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Kanetsu Road about 70 minutes to Shibukawa Ikaho IC ~ Route 353,145,292 via Naganohara Town Otsu Traffic Signal turn right to the Niigata district, about 90 minutes

    Access method 2: Tokyo
    Kanetsu Road Fujioka JCT Joshinetsu Road Kanetsu Road Fujioka JCT to Joshinetsu Road - Usui Karuizawa IC - Route 146, via the Asama Shirane Volcano route to Kusatsu about 70 minutes


    All parking lots are free of charge.