• “Do you want to live here?” A comfortable space

    The Amaguri River murmurs comfortably in front of your eyes.
    Guest rooms have different themes on each floor.
    A public space that continues to evolve without being bound by patterns and where you can encounter new discoveries.
    This hotel was created with the aim of being a place where you can spend wonderful time with your family, friends, lovers, and pets, and make everyone smile.
    Everything that makes up our hotel creates a comfortable space for our guests, asking the following questions:
    "Coco Sumu? ”


  • 4 different themed rooms

    ■1st floor:Scandinavian taste
    ■2nd floor:vintage taste
    ■3rd floor:European taste
    ■4th floor:Japanese modern taste


  • “TVer” also has unlimited viewing in all rooms!

    In addition to the popular "Netflix" & "YouTube",
    “TVer” also has unlimited viewing in all rooms!
    Unlimited viewing of over 700 TV shows you missed!
    ・To kill time on a bad day
    ・Staying alone and having a free night together
    ・together with family

    Enjoy your hotel time with TVer!
  • Yamanoyu - Kawane -

    A new facility will open in the Myoken district of Kirishima City in 2024!
    "Yamanoyu - Kawane - ”
    Pre-opening on January 30th and grand opening in March!

    A new facility will be born next to "Inn Coco Sumu?" operated by Excel Co., Ltd.
    Please look forward to this complex facility where you can enjoy bathing, playing, and staying overnight.

Day rental space

  • Telework or relax in your room

    Day rental space is"I want to use it for telework”
    ``I want to use it for training'' ``I want to take it easy and relax''
    This is a day trip plan that can accommodate all your needs.
    Rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and Netflix.
    You can relax and enjoy your time on the large screen TV.
    Enjoy telework while relaxing in a different environment than usual.
    Reservations can be made by phone.

    【Open Hours】From 11:00 to 16:00
    【Plan Price】3 hours:From 2,900 yen/ 6 hours:From 5,900 yen
    【Facilities】Free Wi-Fi / Netflix / Big screen TV
    【Reservation】080-4288-5536(8:00 to 21:00)


  • More fun

    ■rooftop pool(Open only in summer)
    ■family bath
    ■BBQ space

public space

  • encounter new discoveries

    The public space on the second floor of our hotel has a “vintage” theme.
    Store opening/event space, co-working space, cafe space, etc.
    This is a space that can be used for multiple purposes.
    A place that continues to evolve without being bound by patterns, and where you can always encounter new discoveries.
    Please check the announcement for information on store openings and events.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Inn Coco Sumu?


1-1 Matsunaga, Hayato Town, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Telephone number



Approximately 12 minutes by car from Kagoshima Airport.
Approximately 8 minutes by car from Mizobe-kagoshimakuko IC.
About 8 minutes by car from Kokubu Station.
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Please contact us if you have any questions.


【Reception hours】8:00 to 21:00