【Official】Inubosaki Kanko Hotel

Welcome to Inubosaki Kanko Hotel

Choshi open-air bath overlooking the sea in Inubosaki

The clear blue sky and the sea in front of you
Just look at it and relax

Inubosaki Kanko Hotel offers a variety of happiness.
Why don't you come and find your own happiness?

Applicable to all plan! Nationwide travel support Reservations accepted

  • 3000 yen discount per person and distribution of common coupons

    Extended! Nationwide travel support until June 30

    By presenting three doses of vaccines and identification documents (such as a driver's license)

    20% (up to 3000 yen) discount per person and

    A local coupon of 2000 yen on weekdays (1000 yen on holidays)

    will be issued.

    Chiba Prefecture has its own 2000 yen coupon per person
    (Until March 31st)

    The hotel will apply for the procedure on your behalf.

    (Hotel official website or

    Reservation by phone 0479-23-5111 only)

    Presentation of certificates, etc. at check-in and

    All you have to do is get your signature on the prepared document.

Information on day trip hot springs

  • Information on day trip hot springs

    ■ Reception hours ■
    noon - 7 pm Time  (Full exit 8:00 p.m.)
    ※ In order to prevent infection, we ask for your cooperation for 90 minutes of usage time.

    ■ Fare ■
      Adult 1200 yen    Children 800 yen

    ※Rental towels (bath towels, face towels) included
    Shampoo, rinse and body soap are available.

Let's eat in Chiba!  You can use a premium meal ticket

  • 20% premier meal voucher for a great value kaiseki meal

    Let's eat in Chiba! Purchase a premium meal ticket for 10,000 yen
    You can use it for a meal of 12000 yen.

    You can also use it for kaiseki meals such as lunch course and dinner course.

    Purchase premium meal tickets from LINE

    Please search for "Chiba Premium Meal Ticket"

Day trip course information

  • Enjoy the feeling of traveling even on a day trip!

    plan that allows you to enjoy the feeling of traveling even on a day trip

    ◆Lunch course

    ◆Supper course

    ◆There is a 0 night 2 meal course

    Guest room + kaiseki cuisine + yukata
    A day trip with the feeling of staying
    It is a long-selling plan.

Hot spring inn / hotel general election☆It became the first place in the Inubosaki

  • 《Hot spring inn / hotel general election 2021》Top prize

    Inubosaki Kanko Hotel

    Popularity vote by hot spring inns and hotel fans

    At "Onsen Ryokan / Hotel General Election 2021"

    【Inubosaki area】
    I was able to win the prize in the open-air bath, superb view, and solo travel category!

    Other in the Kanto region
    【Amazing View】2nd place in the category
    【Infiniti】3rd place in the category
    Also won a prize!

    All the staff will continue to do their best to provide you with a healing place.

    Thank you for your support.

About Covid-19 Infectious Disease Prevention Measures

  • About COVID-19 infectious disease prevention measures

    Our facility is participating
    The 10 articles of the new corona infection prevention project, Chibayado Scrum,
    It is as follows.

     1 Daily temperature measurement / health check and wearing a mask
     2 Frequent gargle, hand washing, disinfection of fingers
     3 Measures to prevent splashes at the front desk and when facing each other
     4 Do not inadvertently increase contact with customers
     5 Regular disinfection of things and places that you touch
     6 Avoid airtightness and regular ventilation
     7 Keep social distance
     8 Calling customers to disinfect their hands
     9 Request an offer when you are not feeling well
     10 Appropriate management of customer information

~Welcome to Inubosaki kanko hotel~

  •  Welcome to Inubosaki Kankou Hotel

    Pure Ocean, Pure relaxation, Pure Life...

    Relax and enjoy in the Inubosaki kanko hotel located in the front of dinamic Ocean where you can enjoy every moment of your stay .

    Please refer to our special English website


Google Map

Hotel Name

Inubosaki Kanko Hotel


10293 Inubozaki, Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

Telephone number



8 minutes walk from Choshi Electric Railway Inubo Station, 60 minutes each from Higashi-Kanto Expressway Sawara-Katori IC / Itako IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
To traffic access page

Sightseeing information of Choshi

  • Information on sightseeing in Choshi

    Information on sightseeing Choshi is available on the website of the Choshi City Tourism Association

    Recommended places, souvenirs, gourmet food, event information, etc.

    Please use it for checking before traveling

Lobby lounge renewal

  • Lobby lounge renewal

    The lounge overlooking the Pacific Ocean

    Drinks are available at the self-cafe service for guests who are having dinner or staying at the hotel.

    Please spend a relaxing time in the private lounge while looking out at the sea

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.