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Please enjoy the "season" of Choshi every season.

Choshi is a port town surrounded by the sea on three sides.
At this facility, we prepare delicious rocky shore dishes for Choshi
Please enjoy it to your heart's content.
We also offer a wide variety of bespoke dishes.

Cooking example

  • Enjoyment of the trip-Menu for dinner-

    ~Spring menu~


    Spring eight inch delicious food little by little

    Seasonal wild plants "Fuki" Ohitashi and grilled broad beans
    Grilled quail quail with shrimp rice crackers and micro tomatoes
    Firefly squid yolk sauce and yuzu radish in spring season
    Oyster Jibu-ni style and taste stain Koya tofu
    Sea urchin grilled horsetail and spring horsetail Tosa boiled


    6 pieces of fresh fish and shellfish

    【Steamed food】

    Original spring cabbage Japanese style shumai
    Spring cabbage dumplings fried ome yolk bamboo shoots

    【Boiled food】

    Ebi potato silk-covered white miso tailoring
    Ebiimo Yakimochi Kazari Carrot Moisture


    Steamed local brand Wakashio Beef Shabu Shabu(3 cuts)
    Wakashio Beef loin lettuce bamboo green onion ribbon yellow carrot
    Ribbon red radish roasted walnut sesame sauce


    White rice fish ball miso soup Vegetable pickles


    Choshi green papaya compote & strawberry jelly & fruit

    Part of the menu may change depending on the purchase.

    At the restaurant / 7: 30-9: 00(8:30 final start)
    For breakfast, we will prepare a Japanese set that uses balanced ingredients.
  • ~Supper information~              

    Menu incorporating seafood and seasonal ingredients from Choshi Port

    【Standard Course】
    ·small bowl
    ·Boiled food
    ·Steamed food
    ·Platform(Fire stand)
    ·Fried food
    ·Pickled Vegetables
    • Basic plan dinner

      Period available:
      Available from 17:45 to 19:15
  • 【Children's dinner example】

    ·Fried shrimp
    ·Savory egg custard
    ·Rice set
    ·Selectable ice cream
  • Other

    We offer bespoke dishes that you can enjoy as a set meal or as a single item.
  • For anniversary celebrations

    For anniversary celebrations

    Special cakes from the popular local patisserie Le wiz are available.

    An original cake with a message

    There are two types, chocolate and fresh cream

    Please contact us by phone for details

    • Original cake

      For 2 people Diameter 14 cm 3300 yen (tax included) ~

Drink information

Beer, shochu, whiskey, sake, wine and alcohol-free drinks are also available.