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1 minute walk to Lake Kinrin and walking distance of Yunotsubo Kaido Street!

Customers who lost their way consecutively! (Laugh) It is a confusing accommodation ...So it is a must-see!

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Cottage Kohan


Oita Prefecture 1761-5 Kawakami, Yufuin Town, Yufu City

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JR Yufuin Station is 30 minutes on foot from JR Yufuin Station and 5 minutes by car.
It is 10 minutes by car from Yufuin IC.
7 minute walk from the nearest bus stop, "Temple"
Beside Lake Kinrin"Country of Pension Yutaka" Mr. soba, Osugi and Torii where there is a torii "Tenso Shrine" Down the steep slope road entrance At the meantime
* I can not enter from the road next to "Takeshi" in front of "Tea Iori".

Car navigation system, ""○○Do not rely on the map!

According to the ordinance, Yufuin has restrictions on signboards, and entrance to the inn is very difficult to understand, which is causing inconvenience.
The map application of most car navigation and mobile websites shows a different entrance and ends guidance on the way, 90% get lost!
Please be sure to refer to the following guidelines.
  • When using a car

    how to access
    Kyushu Expressway to the Oita Expressway by Tosu JCT ~ Yufuin IC - Exit the IC and turn right at the second traffic light.Beppu about 5 minutes driving towards Beppu, I entered Yufuin machi town, past the dragstore "Cosmos" on the left,
    When you see "Lawson Kawakami Shop" on the right side, it is entrance of "Lake Kinrin".
    Please go into the road where there is a signboard of "UBL Hotel" which will be on the right side as it gets congested.

    * The Lawson Kawakami Shop → Kinrinko-dori → Imaizumi Do angle to the left → Marc Chagall Museum → restaurants of Tenso Shrine next to the immediately lower right past Lump-sha steep slope down strikes (the outer periphery while looking to the right Lake Kinrin run)

    * If you came along the mountain path via UBL Hotel : Turn right on the road where Minshuto Minshuku Rikitake is seen before → Sleeping beside Amagami Tenso Shrine the lower left of 170 M ahead

    * I think you will be surprised by the steep slope, but big cars such as 2t truck, alphard, high ace, serena, step wagon etc are okay.
    * If the body is low, if you are not confident in driving, there is another P so please contact us.
    * Posted directions on photo gallery
  • Yufuin coming from Yufuin station station

    If you come walking from Yufuin Station and Yufuin Station before the bus terminal, it takes about 30 minutes to 40 minutes.Although it is far, as souvenirs and sisters are lined up all the way, you can enjoy a walk!
    Lake Kinrin you aim toward the upstream of the river flowing from the Lake Kinrin, you will arrive at "Kamenoi Besso."Please go through "Utamoto Park" and turn right.
    * Since "A Corp" is on the way, we can procure ingredients.
    * Yufuin Chikki" Since there is also Service (surcharge) who will deliver the luggage to the inn from the station that, I also recommend a walk empty-handed to deposit your luggage.