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  • Soba making experience

    • Soba making experience

      Challenge buckwheat noodles with buckwheat flour made by a member of the grandpa.
      You can do it in about 2 hours.
      The taste of buckwheat noodles you made yourself is exceptional.
      If you do not have time, you can make soba noodles.

      【Experience fee】
      2,000 yen(From 3 to 4)
      *If the number of people is 3 or less, the price will be higher.
  • Tsuru-zaiku (vine crafting) experience

    • Tsuru-zaiku (vine crafting) experience

      Traditional crafts of Nozawa Onsen...
      Enjoy the Tsuru-zaiku (vine crafting).
      You can make a basket.
      Please make a handmade souvenir.
      It takes about 2 hours.

      【Experience fee】
      2,500 yen(Including material cost)
  • Experience making old snacks

    • Experience making old snacks

      Let's make "Onsen Oyaki" and "Kusa Mochi" sold in Jibasan together!
      Nozawana (japanese leaf vegetable) is the inside, and the taste of the hometown made from only hot spring water.
      Kusa Mochi is made by mugwort.
      About 1.5 hours.

      【Experience fee】
      1,200 yen(Free Gift Included)
  • Walking around the village

    • Walking around the village

      You can freely take a walk around the hot spring town and visit the hot springs.
      Please buy a stamp book at old-fashioned and hang out.
      I'm sure you can make new discoveries.

      【Experience fee】
      300 yen(Only the stamp book fee)
    • Beech forest trekking

      Let's walk in the beech forest in the Uenotaira.
      Meet wild birds and antelopes, or relax in the forest.
      It's free if you go around freely.
      When you need guidance, your friends in Warm Town will help you.

      【Experience fee】
      Is it about 500 yen?
    • Other various

      In addition to this, you can enjoy various experiences.
      For more information, please contact each of the old people of Miyako and Atado no Sato.

      Tofu making/local cuisine/Bamboo shoot hunting/Picking wild vegetables/Woodwork/Vegetable harvest/Festival with oldness/Nozawana (japanese leaf vegetable) Harvest/Mushroom picking/Mt Kenashi/Firefly viewing/Snowshoe/Canoe/Rafting/Starry sky observation/Outdoor barbecue/Kamakura making etc.