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Hostel of Gumma Prefecture "Inn of Gumma Local-produce Local-consume Promotion stores certified" inn

Local production of local consumption is to consume various agricultural products produced in the area in that area.
In March 2010, the hotel was certified as a "Gumma local Producction and local consumption promotion shop".
We will welcome you with a meal with plenty of ingredients from Gumma prefecture.
  • Miharashikan special sign menu "FuwafuwaTofu Hot Pot dishes"

    Boasting lodging "Amazing FuwafuwaTofu Hot Pot dishes"

    It is said to be "Enjoy eating at hot spring", the texture melting in your mouth is irresistible!
  • Joshu Beef steak

    Joshu Beef grilled on earthenware utensils, Gumma's best gourmet rare Joshu Beef grilled on earthenware utensils Joshu Beef
    Together with freshly picked fresh vegetables
  • Local sake

    We also have delicious local sake for accompanying a delicious meal (charged)
  • Breakfast

    【Breakfast menu】Rustic and tasty breakfast.Please eat freshly made fish.
  • Joshu Beef suikiyaki

    "Sukiyaki Prefecture Gunma" where all ingredients can be procured with features
    "Local Joshu Beef's sukiyaki" of local promotion promotion store is excellent item
  • Fresh feature 12 ingredients abundant food, upgrade "Miyabi"

    Fresh feature 12 ingredients abundant food, upgrade "Miyabi"
    The super size menu is, of course, the popular No 1 "with With Fluffy Tofu Hot Pot".
  • Children's lunch

    【Child's meal】It is a dinner served to an infant.