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Recommended Plan

Here you can register recommended plan yourself.

  • 【Popular NO.1 with two meals】Enjoy eating at hot spring! What? "Fuwa Fuwa" "Runny" specialty of the hotel! "Fluffy Tofu Hot Pot Plan"

    [ Plan Details ]
    ~ Popular plan immovable with a signboard menu "Tofu Pot" ~

    When Fuwafuwa Tofu of the popular menu is made into boiled Fuwafuwa Tofu curd, "Runny"
    Please feel the melting texture in your mouth.

    Please enjoy our local gourmet oContinue reading
    Room rate
    Adults per person excluding tax from \ 7,500
  • "Joshu Beef Sukiyaki" Soft sweet ~ Local brand cow! For breakfast with FuwafuwaTofu Hot Pot dishes"Sukiyaki Prefecture Gumma Plan"

    [ Plan Details ]
    Did you know that? Here is Gumma Prefecture "Sukiyaki Prefecture" what!

    But why… ,
    Chinese cabbage · leek · shimeji · shiitake mushroom · Enoki · Tofu · Mizuna etc etc ...

    Taste of the taste in the ingredients from Joshu BeefContinue reading
    Room rate
    From adult taxpayers \ 11,000 to per adult
  • To me you are a passionate meal! Food sticking to local ingredients &FuwafuwaTofu Hot Pot dishes"Miyabi Plan"

    [ Plan Details ]
    ■□■If you choose by cooking! "Miyabi Plan made with local products"■□■
    It is a plan that you can enjoy the cuisine menu of the hotel.
    Please enjoy a super size dinner.
    We will prepare "Miyabi" for dinner.
    Of course, it is populContinue reading
    Room rate
    From adults ¥ 11,500 without tax
  • 【Anniversary】For a dramatic day! With nice benefits to choose from 3 "Anniversary plan at hot springs"

    [ Plan Details ]
    Anniversary with important people, a special day than usual ....

    Even for customers who will be staying at this time's future,
    We prepared a special plan with a nice benefit.

    We will help you from the bottom of my heart to makContinue reading
    Room rate
    From adult taxpayers ¥ 9,000 per adult