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Surrounding tourism

  • Introduction of surrounding sights

    • Tomioka Silk Mill(About 30-minute drive)

      Certified as a World Heritage Site in 2014.Began its founding in Meiji era, it is the first mechanical spinning factory in Japan.It was made with the design of a French engineer, was a government official at the time, but it changed into a private company in the middle of the Meiji era.There is a memorial hall of a French designer on the premises, and you can also visit.
    • Gumma Safari Park(About 30-minute drive)

      You can take a closer look at the lives of 1000 animals of 90 species from the train window.

      There are plenty of other restaurants, including amusement parks and African cuisine.
    • Konnyaku Park(30-minute drive)

      Free factory tour! Inside the facility, there are 3 zones: konjac/Shirataki factory zone, jelly factory zone, buffet/souvenir zone.A powerful factory tour and powerful Konnyak Buffet are attractive.
    • Natural History Museum(About 15-minute drive)

      A museum introducing the history of the earth, the history of evolution of life, the nature of Gunma.In addition to the whole body skeleton of dinosaurs and specimens of animals and plants collected from all over the world, the Oze theater, and stories of evolution by robots, which you can see, touch, and experience. ..
    • Railway Cultural village(About 15-minute drive)

      There are various facilities such as plaza where small children can enjoy, adults can enjoy, and Usui Pass driving simulator.
    • Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza(About 40-minute drive)

      A shopping mall that located in a vast area of the Karuizawa Station South Exit side.

      There are about 220 different shops including famous brand outlets, interior, miscellaneous goods, outdoor and others in a rich natural location.
    • Usui River(5-minute walk)

      Usui River clear stream that flows near the hot spring town, is a treasure trove of sweetfish.

      In addition to ayu fishing in the season, carp, eel, in the upstream it is crowded with a Taikobo of fish fishing with Iwana.Isobe Yana, located on the banks of the Usui River, is popular with tourists for its freshly caught grilled sweetfish, salted sweetfish, and various other dishes. (June to September)

      From the Aisaibashi Isobe Townscape, views of the Mt Myogi, and will walk the promenade toward from around the Kosenbashi Usui River, is a good Shinsui Park landscaped.
    • Iris-no-oka(About 20-minute drive)

      German Iris is colorful and has a wide variety of types.

      You can walk through 1000 kinds, 100,000 stocks of colorful rare flowers bloom at Iris-no-oka.
    • Akima ume garden(About 20-minute drive)

      Gunma prefecture boasts the second largest ume production in the country.

      Heading around the end of late February to late March, the Bairin Festival is crowded with people who enjoy the scent of Ume.
  • Isobe Onsen Event Guide

    • Isobe Onsen Festival(August 14-16)

      Fireworks display to be held on 15th has been going on for more than half a century and has a history of fireworks.In addition, on the 14th, there will be catching sweetfish and rakugo, on the 15th there will be a children's portable shrine, and on the 16th there will be a lantern sink and fireworks.
    • Ansei Toashi<Samurai Marathon>(May, On the second Sunday)

      "Ansei Toashi Samurai Marathon" will be held on the second Sunday of May every year. In a costume filled with ideas, we can go through the Former Nakasendo way to the Former Annaka Castle Ruins → Cedar Avenue → Teahouse Honjin → Usui Sekisho Ruins → Sakamoto Shuku and Kumano Shrine the goal.
    • Akima Bairin Matsuri Festival(Mid February to late March)

      Akima ume garden is a plum garden where about 35,000 red and white plums bloom on a 50ha hill.In the Akima no Sato, we hold the Akima Bairin Matsuri Festival which tells of the arrival of spring.During the period, various events such as model photography party, Japanese drum performance, Children Rice Cake Pounding Event etc are held, and it is crowded with many tourists.