About “Poppoya”

Fuji Kyuko Line. "Yamuramachi Station”
An 80-year-old traditional house located 30 seconds walk from the station.
`` Poppoya'' was renovated in 2017 to resemble a retro station building, with the concept of ``supporting children's thinking and actions.''

An electric locomotive is recreated in the living room.
You can hear the pleasant sound of trains no matter where you are in the facility.

We hope that both children who like trains and those who don't, will have many fun memories of their trip to Yamanashi here.

Please come visit `` Poppoya'', a place where children can think and act on their own.

Accommodation information

  • About the accommodation

    At Poppoya, you can stay in a lodging building called the Train Room, which is full of the fun of railways.
    There are three rooms in the accommodation building, each with a different theme, and you can choose a room depending on the number of guests staying.
    The accommodation building is reserved for private use, so you can relax without worrying about your surroundings. (Baths and toilets may be shared)
    In the cafe area just inside Poppoya's entrance, you can watch the trains passing by from the large windows.
    We recommend relaxing and watching the trains while eating roasted sweet potatoes baked in the steam locomotive oven set up in the garden of the inn.
  • About the room

    《Family Room Oronefu 30》Recreate the inside of the train
    《Family Room Rail》Tracks on the floor and window frames
    《Dormitory Room》Directly connected to the driver's cab

    【room type】
    Select from the above rooms on the day
    Up to 3 people → select 1 room / Up to 6 people → select 2 rooms / 7 or more people → use 3 rooms
    *Up to 10 people(Excluding preschoolers who can sleep together)
  • Other details

    【Check in Check out】
    Check-in → 16:00 to 22:00/Check out → 10:00
    *Early check-in/late check-out is 1,000 yen per hour.
    *Lights out in the cafe area and courtyard are at 22:00.

    Luggage storage OK / Mini kitchen available/Delivery OK

    Hoto experience/BBQ / Birthday
    If you have already reserved a birthday plan → Please fill out the necessary information in the special form at least 3 days before your stay.

Services &amenities

  • Amenities

    【bath supplies】shampoo/treatment/Body Soap/facial cleansing foam/cleansing/toothbrush/shaver/Shaving foam
    【Cosmetics】lotion/emulsion/body milk/cotton/cotton swab/hand cream
    【hair makeup】Hairdryer/hair iron/curl iron/hairbrush/hair oil/Hair elastic
    【towels/clothing】bath towel/Face towel/yukata/slipper/Hanger
    【baby supplies】baby soap/baby bathtub/baby lotion/crib/bouncer/waterproof sheets
  • option

    ●BBQ set:3,000 JPY(3 People)
    ●bonfire:2,000 JPY(With marshmallow & flame coloring)

Japanese-style room with a view

  • About the Japanese-style room with a view

    For the summer only, we have prepared a single room on the second floor of the main building of Poppoya (the building where the front desk and free drink space are located).
    The first floor of the main building is a shared space, so it can be used by people staying on the second floor of the main building, people staying in the train room, people using the candy shop, and people touring the building.
    The train room, which is a traditional accommodation building, is reserved exclusively for guests who have made a reservation.
    Please check carefully before making a reservation.

Inside this facility/facilities

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1-5-14 Kamiya, Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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10 seconds walk from Fuji Kyuko Line Yamuramachi Station
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