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Welcome to Pension Roi

In Roi (Roi) meaning the king in French, the chef who has wielded his skill at the hotel for many years, cooks his heart with a hearty cuisine.

Enjoy a delicious meal and a relaxing charming hot spring, wrapped in the nature of Aso, which changes every season.

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Pension Roi


2138-13 Otohime, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture

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Kyushu Expressway takes about 50 minutes from the Kumamoto Interchange on Kyushu Expressway.About 20 minutes on foot from JR Hohi Line Uchinomaki Station (with transfer available ※ required inquiries)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Pick up to JR Uchinomaki Station, Aso Station
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  • Pension Roy Blog

    The owner started a blog.Roi will spell out the daily life of Roi and the state of nature.


  • Aroma treatment

    I started "Aroma Treatment".
    Why do not you refresh your mind and body with an aroma and refresh.
    Application can be made regardless of gender.

    Aroma Treatment is a natural remedy using 100% natural essential oil extracted from plants in nature.There is a relaxing effect with body tension.
    ※Facial treatment (face) is not included.

    ◇Charge, Aroma treatment(45 minutes), 5,000 yen

The king's omelet rice

  • (10 meals a day only)11: 30 to 14: 30

    Saffron rice with Aso specialty food and wild vegetables is scented with wine.
    When you put a fork in an omelette, please enjoy Aso's red cows and carrots, onions, potatoes from inside.
    Slowly simmered special domed grated sauce! It is a delicious surprise.
    Salad, soft drinks included, 1,200 yen (reservation required before 1 day)

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