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In order to feel the wind of the season, I put my heart on my heart.
I will be happy to help you with the moment of the feast that remains in my heart.
  • Creative cuisine using seasonal local materials

    ·Ayu cooking
     Cooking the sweetfish nurtured by Seiryu Kawabe River river (reservation required)

    ·Kaiseki Meal
     It changes according to the season (ayu, boar, deer etc)

    From early summer to autumn, enjoy the creative cuisine of the chief chef who made natural sweetfish from Seiryu Kawabe River, scrutinized the local ingredients.
    In addition, various set menu and general menu are available.Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    (※ consumption tax will be charged separately)
  • Example of a pot dish

  • Breakfast

  • Simmered sea bream

    *【Dinner example】It is a multi-course meal prepared with seasonal ingredients.