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  • View from the facility

    • Offers an ocean view of the Pacific Ocean

      All rooms have Ocean View overlooking the Hyuga Sea.
      You can also see the sunrise in the morning, and the view of the sun rising over the horizon of the Hyuga-nada Sea is spectacular.
  • A spectacular spot of nature

    • Oni no Sentakuiwa

      "Oni no Washita", which was designated as a national natural monument in 1934, is a rare wavy rock that spreads around Aoshima.
      Academically, this is called "raised seabed and irregular wave erosion scars" and can be seen around Aoshima and along the coastline of Nichinan Coast.
      Rocks that were beneath the sea surface a long time ago came to the surface due to geological changes, and were eroded by waves and seawater to form the rock we see today.
      At low tide, rock formations that remind you of the wonders of nature appear along the coastline 100 meters offshore, and you can enjoy the stunning scenery.
  • Popular tourist spots

    • Sunmesse Nichinan

      Sunmesse Nichinan is home to the world's first Moai statue that was allowed to be reproduced outside of Easter Island.
      The seven Moai statues have jinxes, from left to right: career luck, health luck, love luck, peace on earth (dreams come true), marriage luck, money luck, and academic luck, and it is said that if you touch them, your wishes will come true. I'm here.
      In addition to the Moai statues, there are various facilities on the premises where you can enjoy the scenery and leisure.

      20 minutes drive from the hotel
      25 minutes from Miyazaki Kotsu Route Bus Umegahama bus stop
    • Obi Castle Ruins / Obi Castle Town

      Obi Castle Town, known as the Little Kyoto of Kyushu, is a castle town built by the Ito clan of Obi Domain with a land of 51,000 koku (51,000 koku), and the surrounding natural landscape, which has been preserved to the present day without major damage, and local materials such as Obi stone and Obi Many stone walls and buildings made of cedar have been preserved.
      The town of traditional construction Obi, surrounded by Obi-sugi cedar trees and featuring beautiful stone walls, is situated along the flowing Sakagawa River.

      There are many admission facilities such as Komura Jutaro Memorial Museum and Obi Castle History Museum, so you can feel Obi's long history.
      Food maps are also sold in the castle town, where you can enjoy a variety of delicious foods, including Obi's specialty products.

      15 minutes by car from our hotel
      30 minutes from Miyazaki Kotsu Route Bus Umegahama bus stop
  • Power spot

    • Udo Jingu Shrine

      The Udo Shrine, with the main deity Ugayafukiaezu-no-Mikoto, the son of Hoori-no-Mikoto (Yamasachihiko) and Toyotama-hime, is located on the cliffs facing the Hyuga-nada sea. The main shrine is situated inside a cave (sea cave) on the middle slope of the cliff.
      A man throws an ``Undama'' (undama) with his left hand and a woman makes a wish to a large rock with a hollow in the center called a turtle stone.If it hits the shell (upper part) of the turtle stone, it is good, and if it lands in the hollow in the center, it is even better. It is said.
      The area around Udo, including Udo Jingu Shrine, is also known as a nationally designated scenic spot, and the complex topography created by wave erosion has been a scenic spot for many people to enjoy for many years.

      15 minutes by car from our hotel
      Miyazaki Kotsu Route Bus 20 minutes from Umegahama bus stop
    • Aoshima Shrine

      Aoshima Shrine, whose main deity is Hoorinomikoto (Yamasachihiko), the grandfather of the first Emperor Jinmu, is said to bring about various aspects of harmony, including marriage.
      The precincts of this shrine are Aoshima, which is designated as a special natural monument of the country as a colony of tropical and subtropical plants, and Oni no Sentakuiwa is located in the surrounding area.
      In winter, naked pilgrimages are held on Coming of Age Day, and this ritual of purifying oneself in sea water against the cold wind is rare and valuable even in Japan.

      45 minutes by car from our hotel
      50 minutes from Miyazaki Kotsu Bus Umegahama bus stop
      50 minutes from JR Nichinan Line Aburatsu Station to Aoshima Station